Thursday 9 December 2010

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Next sent to me ...

11 Pipers Piping

OK, time to get my lateral thinking head on again because pipers are surprisingly thin on the ground on the Next website ! First up is this rather striking shirt with some funky piping detail.

White Piped Shirt (£26)

Or those cheeky chimps at Zingzillas like to play all kinds of music so I'm sure they've had a go at piping at some point !

Big Zing Playset (£40)

Well, that's the men and the kids done. What about one for the ladies ? I absolutely love the retro packaging and making cupcakes is all the rage at the moment.

Tala Retro Icing Bag Set (£10)

Or if you want a cheeky little gift, what about these ?!

Mr Potato Head Hipsters (£12)

What's that ? You can't see the link to Pipers Piping ? It's a Maris Piper potato of course !! *cheeky grin*

Awwww I'm quite sad to think that tomorrow will be the last day - I've been having great fun doing these Twelve Days of Christmas posts !

Also, don't miss the Next daily Advent giveaway with some fabulous prizes to win every day !

There's a £300 gift card up for grabs today.

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