Friday 17 December 2010

Fizzylicious Christmas Cocktails and Mocktails from Sodastream

Sodastream came up with some fabulous Mocktails for the kids to enjoy at Halloween (here) and they've gone and done it again for Christmas. Get busy with the fizzy and enjoy these festive cocktails for the kids and naughty but nice alcoholic cocktails for the grown-ups ! Have a fizzy Christmas !

Festive Cocktails for Adults:

Tis’ the Season to be Jolly- Christmas Cocktail

Start off with 50ml tequila, add 20ml elderflower cordial, 3 x dashes of cardamom bitters, topped up with charged kiwi/pear SodaStream and garnish with slice of kiwi on top.

New Year Breeze- New Years Cocktail

An easy-drinking, and classy cocktail with Sodastream Kiwi Pear.

Pour a shot of vodka and a shot of grapefruit juice over ice in a tall glass. Top the glass with Sodastream Kiwi Pear. Squeeze a lime wedge and drop into the mix. A refreshing, and elegant way to greet the new year.

Festive Mocktails for Kids:
Deck The Halls- Christmas Mocktail

A refreshing, fizzy festive treat for kids. Fill a tall glass with ice. Top with equal parts Sodastream Apple, and Sodastream Clear Cranberry Rasperry. Garnish with an orange slice and a string of redcurrants for a Christmas feel.

Three Cheers Punch- New Years mocktail

A fruity mix of juicy flavours to welcome the New Year in style.

This delicious drink can be made in a punch bowl, with plenty of chopped fruit to garnish and add even more flavour. 1/2 part lime juice; 1 part orange juice; 2 parts Sodastream; Mango Passionfuit; Plenty of ice and chopped apples, oranges, etc. Ladle the mix from the punch bowl into tea-cups, so the kids can cut a dash with this sophisticated looking New Year treat.

If you're looking for something even more impressive, for a unique and tantalising twist to your Christmas celebration, SodaStream has joined forces with celebrity mixologist Bryan Pietersen to create the Ultimate Christmas Cocktail. The iconic brand and leading mixologist teamed up to create this distinctive tasting limited edition cocktail – which goes on sale at Purl bar in London this December.

Bryan’s team are known for their Heston Blumenthal approach to cocktail-making and this unique cocktail sees SodaStream mix two of their most popular flavours – Apple and Ginger Ale - with the ultimate in festive ingredients – including cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, to create a lip-smacking, tongue-tingling cocktail.

For the flamboyant finishing touch the cocktail is served in a Christmas Bauble along with a flaming mince pie surrounded by a misty cloud of dry ice! There will be no other drink to have this December.

Bryan Pietersen said: “We were really excited at the prospect of working with Sodastream – the drinksmakers are the perfect way to create fun festive drinks and we’ve come up with a cocktail like people have never tasted before. It’s the most Christmassy cocktail out there!”

SodaStream Ultimate Cocktail Spec:

200ml. Mineral Water
200ml Apple Juice
50ml SodaStream Apple Syrup
100ml Gin
50ml Winter Syrup
10ml Sodastream Ginger Ale

Serve in a Christmas tree bauble with a flaming mince pie

To sample this delicious concoction head down to Purl bar – 50/54 Blandford Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 8JX.

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  1. I used to love mu sodastream. Perhaps sants will get me one!

  2. Looks like fun - sodastream and cocktails great combo!

  3. Neat cocktails - absolutely delicious - can't wait to try them out myself!

  4. I always wanted a sodastream as a child, but mum said they where too expensive!! I will buy one when we have our own place!

  5. I have just won a sodastream, when it arrives I will try out your fab ideas :)

  6. Never thought about using a sodastream for my mocktails. Must investigate :)


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