Sunday 5 December 2010

On the seventh day of Christmas, Next sent to me ...

7 Swans-a-Swimming

Well, I was starting to get a bit blasé - they have geese and chickens and even colly birds. Swans won't be a problem, will they ? Well, they would actually - but I have a degree in lateral thinking so bring it on !

These little girls look like they are training to perform as ballerinas in Swan Lake ! I know Juliette would absolutely love to go to bed in a tutu (actually, I think she might have done on a couple of occasions !) - and I'm sure she's not alone !

Ballerina Tutu Pyjamas (£14 - £16)

Now the a-swimming part is easy as Next have oodles of swimsuits to choose from, including this nice brightly coloured one.

Colour Block Sportsuit (£25)

Then there's this stunning clutch that looks like it could be made out of swan feathers ! Absolutely perfect for the Christmas party season.
Feather Clutch (Nude) (£25)

And I love this striking feather cape which looks like it could be made with feathers from black swans.

Feather Cape (£25)

I did look for signet (cygnet !) rings but I couldn't find any !

Also, don't miss the Next daily Advent giveaway with some fabulous prizes to win every day !

Today's prize is a pampering kit worth¨£200

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  1. Love this section of 12 days of christmas, cannot wait for the BIG day


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