Friday 3 December 2010

New Covent Garden December Soup of the Month - Smoky Bacon, Vintage Cheddar and Winter Greens

When I first started buying New Covent Garden's Limited Edition Soups of the Month, I always used to feel sad as the end of the month approached, knowing that the delicious recipe I'd been enjoying would be no more. I used to buy a couple of cartons to freeze, so that my short-lived enjoyment could last a bit longer. Then I realised that each new limited edition Soup of the Month was just as tasty as the last one. Now, instead of feeling sad about the month coming to an end, we all get excited in the Madhouse, trying to guess what the new offering will be and looking out for its first appearance at the supermarket.

Well, my first impression when we saw this month's recipe was slight puzzlement. I was expecting something festive and decadent - turkey was maybe a bit too obvious, but I was thinking honey roasted ham, duck à l'orange, goose or venison. Something that you'd never normally eat at any other time of the year but that you'd splash out on at Christmas. Smoky Bacon, Vintage Cheddar and Winter Greens seemed a bit - well - ordinary ! Not festive at all.

However, if you look at the packaging, it suddenly does seem more Christmassy because it's got the Salvation Army logo on it. Ahh the Salvation Army brass band playing carols and collecting money with a lovely old lady in her uniform ringing a bell are an integral part of the Christmas shopping experience ! But the logo is there for a reason.

New Covent Garden Food Co.’s Nick Munby, comments, “Every carton that we sell of our December Soup of the Month will be helping to fund The Salvation Army’s Older People’s Services, which offer invaluable support and companionship to older people. Their services include; visiting the housebound, running Day Centres and Lunch Clubs and providing older people with fresh and nutritious meals, sharing our belief here at NCG that fresh food is an essential part of a healthy and nutritious diet.”

It's a lovely warming, filling, wholesome soup that tastes delicious and will help keep out the cold this winter. But I'm not sure how much of that warm glow I feel in my belly comes from the soup and how much comes from knowing that my tasty supper is helping The Salvation Army spread their Christmas cheer.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.99

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  1. I had better buy this as it looks yummy but also cos my late Mum was always keen on the Salvation Army and I love how they play at Christmas and get you in the mood for the festive frolics.
    My mum used to say she wished Catholics had bands and tambourines and uniforms like the Salvash.

  2. Aww very true. I love listening to the Sally Army carol concerts - very Christmassy.


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