Monday 27 December 2010

MorEPA Chewy Omega-3 Supplement

A couple of months ago, we were sent some MorEPA children's omega-3 supplements that were supposed to be strawberry flavoured with no fishy aftertaste. I'm not sure we did the test right (we bit into them but I think they'd be better swallowed whole !) so the girls unfortunately didn't like them. (You can read that review here.)

The lovely Lauren from Minami Nutrition came back to me to ask if we'd like to try a different product to see if the girls preferred that. We said we were game to give it another go and she sent us a tub of orange flavoured MorEPA Chewy capsules.

On paper, it all sounds very good again, as they are scientifically proven to help children perform better at mental tasks. "MorEPA® Chewables is a scientifically proven omega-3 supplement. [...] Experts studied the influence of omega-3 fatty acids on the processing of emotional information. 27 healthy students used MorEPA® for 4 weeks whereas the remaining 27 took a placebo. The MorEPA group made fewer risk-averse decisions than the placebo group as well as improved scores on the control/perfectionism. The present findings indicate that n-3 PUFA supplementation may have a selective effect on risky decision making in healthy volunteers and is not related to impulsiveness."

As I said last time, I love the idea of a fish oil supplement but what would the girls make of the taste this time ? Unfortunately, they recognised the packaging from last time so came to it with preconceived ideas of how it would taste ! Nevertheless, both 5-year-old Juliette and 9-year-old Sophie volunteered to try one each. (You should take 2 softgels per day but I decided to start off with just one, to see what they thought of them.)

Juliette said they were delicious and could she have another one please ? Yayyy ! Sophie held it in her mouth for a couple of minutes, too nervous to chew, before finally biting the bullet (or the capsule !) and running to the bin saying it tasted of dead rat ! I have no idea how she knows what a dead rat tastes like though ! I asked if it tasted of fish and she said "no, dead rat !" so I guess that's progress ! I honestly think she didn't give it a fair go though and once she's seen Juliette eating them a few more times without complaining, I'll try her again. She did also turn her nose up at the Boots orange-flavoured multivitamin syrup that Juliette absolutely loves, so it may be the orange flavour that she doesn't like.

The product's credentials are very impressive and the packaging is covered in phrases extolling its qualities and virtues. "Deep-sea fish oil of pharmaceutical purity", "The 'Gold Standard' in Omega-3 Supplements", "Europe's Number One EFP". The website adds that they are an environmentally friendly purified natural product, no saturated fats are used as filler, the low temperature processing supports bioavailability (whatever that means !) and they are low in sugar. Two chewable capsules contain 500 mg EPA and a small amount of DHA. They have also been supplemented with half the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, which is an added bonus.

These are apparently the highest concentrated omega-3 fatty acids available on the market. I still don't know if Sophie will be prepared to give them a proper go, after being put off last time, but I'm really pleased that Juliette at least has found a fabulous supplement that she actually enjoys taking.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £18.95 for 60 capsules

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