Thursday 9 December 2010

Hotter Shoes - Keswick Women's Gore Tex Walking Boots

"These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you !" That's what I've been singing to the snow and ice every day as I walk from the bus stop to work since my new Hotter Shoes Gore Tex walking boots have arrived ! They may not be particularly sexy or feminine but they are so good at keeping my feet warm, dry and above all, safely on the ground. While everyone else has been skidding and sliding about (and one pupil actually fell on her arm and ended up being carted off in an ambulance), I've been striding around with total confidence.

One thing that amazed me though is how comfy they are, right from the first time I put them on. I know I've said that before about Hotter Shoes but these are walking boots so I thought they'd be different. I used to be in the climbing/mountaineering club at uni (even if the only mountain I ever actually climbed was Snowdon !) so I've had a fair few run-ins with walking boots before now. Every time I got a new pair, I used to wear three pairs of thick socks and still end up with blisters. We all used to sit around the fire in the climbers' huts, watching our boots and socks steaming as they dried out and comparing blisters ! Well, that's what I was expecting with these boots - I even packed some Blistop in my bag just in case - but I didn't need it at all. They are as comfortable as slippers, which is unbelievable for a pair of walking boots. The only bit that will need slightly breaking in is the top of the tongue at the front of the ankle where it is slightly stiff and will need a few wears to get supple and fit to the ankle, but it's not painful and it doesn't cause blisters so I'm really nit-picking !

The shoes use the highly efficient Gore Tex technology that any climbers or other outdoorsy types will definitely have heard of. As Hotter explain, "Each pair incorporates the ultra-thin GORE-TEX® membrane which is sandwiched between the outer shoe leather and the inner lining so you can't see it - but if it wasn't there your feet would feel the difference. [...] The porous structure of the GORE-TEX® membrane holds the secret to its success. Each pore in the membrane is about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water - so water can't get in. But that's not the end of the story because these same pores just happen to be 700 times bigger than a water vapour molecule so sweat and moisture from your feet can easily escape - keeping your feet dry and at a comfortable temperature. Simple and effective!"

These boots would be great for hiking but they're also perfect for day-to-day wear. I've been wearing them to work and nobody's given them a second glance. Today was the first day I wore them and I came home with totally comfortable feet, with absolutely no blisters or even rubbing anywhere. My feet were lovely and warm, dry and cushioned with the fabulously comfortable Hotter soles.

I started the review with a song and I think I'll finish with one too, this time a slightly more festive one. To paraphrase Aled Jones's Christmas classic, "I'm walking on the air, I'm walking in my Hotter shoes" !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £89

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  1. Great review. My Mum has MS and wont wear anything but Hotter shoes, she swears by them!

  2. wow these look cool especially for the snow we have up here in scotland

  3. good review, these look very comfortable.

  4. perfect boots for me. I love walking in the mountains

  5. It's important that you geared up well when traveling. This will put you at ease and give you comfort while on the road.


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