Thursday 2 December 2010

On the fourth day of Christmas, Next sent to me ...

4 Colly Birds

Now, this is a tricky one because I have no idea what a Colly Bird is and I actually always thought it was Calling bird !

OK, here are the birds on this striking Bird Print top (£18)

Next, we have a Dog Calendar with a different dog on each page so I'm assuming there will be a Collie in there somewhere ! (Yes, OK, I admit it - that's my most tenuous link so far !)

Dog Calendar £4 (already really cheap and it's on for 3-for-2 as well so grab some quick as Christmas presents !!)

Or, if I go back to what I always thought the lyrics were and stick with the idea of calling, they have some fabulously retro phones.

Next Union Jack Classic Telephone (£30)

Chrome Finish 1950s Retro Style Telephone (£65)

I love both of these phones and would love them in my house !

And I have to say, I'm still gobsmacked by the huge range of products available at Next - I always thought they did mainly fashion with a few bits of soft furnishings thrown in for good measure !

Also, don't miss the Next daily giveaway - today's prize is a 10" Tablet Bundle worth £240 but the prize changes every day !

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  1. I always thought it was calling birds too.
    Apparently it could mean black birds, colly being derived from black as coal. Calling birds is the american version, they must be as confused as us.
    I must be bored to have looked that up. :D
    Loving the interesting connections you are making :D

  2. Aaah it makes more sense now ! Thanks Lisa ! :-)

  3. i always sang calling birds! and still will cos my head is a sieve and only recalls the most useless of information!

  4. omg i have no idea it was colly birds, i always thought it was 4 calling birds.... crazy how i have been singing it wrong for 26 years haha

  5. Somehow I'd always imagined a colly bird having a collar!


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