Friday 17 December 2010

‘Were-Creation Competition Challenge’ for the Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf 2011 blog tour

As you know, I love reviewing books on this blog and sharing my thoughts and impressions with you. Well, this time, I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew ! I've been invited to take part in a fabulously different blog tour which will involve sharing some creative skills too ! Wereworld author Curtis Jobling is going to start off a drawing of a were-creation. This picture will then be sent around from blogger to blogger for us to add to the drawing - my turn is on the 13th January. At the end of the month, you'll get to see the finished drawing as well as having the chance to win it ! There will also be a giveaway right here on this blog where you will be able to win the book. How exciting (and, if I'm honest, scary !) is all that ?!

The current schedule is here so keep your eyes peeled on the different blogs involved :

- (1st January) Wondrous Reads – introductory post about the competition (to win the signed drawing and copy of the book) and highlighting the blogs involved and the running order

- (3rd January) Nayu’s Reading Corner - Were-creation post & review to go up

- (4th January) - The Slowest Bookworm - Were-creation post & review to go up.

- (6th January) So Many Books, So Little Time - Were-creation post & review to go up

- (10th January) Once Upon a Bookcase - Were-creation post & review to go up

-  (13th January) Madhouse Family Reviews - Were-creation post & review to go up (squeals, that's me !)

-  (20th January) My Favourite Books Blog - Were-creation post & review to go up

- (27th January) Wondrous Reads – announce the winner, show finished drawing. Copy of the book also for the prize.

I'll keep you posted !

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