Sunday 26 December 2010

Hipp Organic Little Nibbles Crispy Biscottes

Biscottes are like little pieces of dried toast that you can buy in supermarkets in France but I must admit, I'd never thought about buying them for Pierre. They would make an ideal weaning food though, so I was keen to see what he'd think of these Crispy Organic Biscottes from Hipp, a company I love for it's healthy organic baby food and snacks, that I was sent to review. On their website, they say : "HiPP Organic Biscottes are delicious twice-baked wheat biscuits that are suitable for babies from 10 months. These delicious biscuits are light and crispy, making them easy to digest as a convenient snack."

I decided to introduce them at breakfast time so I offered one to Pierrre with some strawberry jam spread on top. He had a tentative poke, as you can see in the top photo, then had a nibble ... and another one ... and another one ! They certainly got a wholehearted thumbs up from Pierre. But the website also says : "These biscuits can also be enjoyed by older toddlers and children."

Well, sure nough, 5-year-old Juliette saw them and squealed "ooooh fairy toast !" before asking if she could have some, spread with butter.

Followed by 9-year-old Sophie who also wanted to try them, spread with strawberry jam. All three of them declared them delicious (well, Pierre still doesn't talk much but he did eat the whole lot so I think that speaks for itself !).

The ingredients list is reassuringly short with absolutely no hidden nasties : Organic wheat flour, organic sugar, yeast, organic butter, organic vegetable oil, organic malt extract, organic milk powder, lecithin, salt, thiamin (vitamin B1). That's it, nothing artificial at all !

I love the convenient size which is perfect for little fingers (as well as fairy tea parties !), the kids love the taste and they're a healthier option than many sugary snacks or breakfast options. I'm not surprised that  the Hipp Little Nibbles range has won 'Best Baby/Toddler Snack' in the Practical Parenting Awards this year.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.84

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  1. I recently won a hipp organic weaning hamper and I am not disappointed. Macey loves everything we try she especially like the juice drink and have now purchased some for her ...

  2. Ooh I haven't tried the juice drink, maybe I should give that a go next then :-)


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