Friday 3 December 2010

Kelly’s of Cornwall Clotted Cream Ice Cream

Just the words Cornish Ice Cream are enough to have me salivating and running to the freezer with a bowl and a spoon ! They instantly transport me mentally back to my annual childhood holidays in Perranporth, running around on the gorgeous sandy beaches, then having impromptu picnic lunches, eating juicy, peppery hot Cornish pasties straight from the baker's followed by gorgeously creamy, deep yellow Cornish ice cream.

When Kelly's of Cornwall asked me to try out their Clotted Cream Ice Cream, I was slightly worried it wouldn't live up to my unfeasibly high expectations. You know how you always remember the tastes and sights of your childhood but, when you eventually get the chance to enjoy them again, they somehow don't seem anywhere near as good as you remember !

Well, I needn't have worried. This is seriously indulgent and creamy ice cream and is just as good as if not better than I was hoping. It's seems somehow rustic and almost homemade. Kelly's explain : "Delicious rich and creamy dairy ice cream made with lashings of clotted cream for a smooth velvet texture. Made with local Cornish milk and clotted cream. The perfect accompaniment to your favourite desserts or enjoy as a real treat with fruit."

Well, for the festive season, it would also be an absolutely ideal accompaniment to Christmas pudding. Whenever we have Christmas dinner at my parents' house, my mum always serves hot steaming custard or vanilla ice cream with the Christmas Pud. Most people go for the custard but I love it with ice cream, which makes it somehow seem lighter and easier to digest after a huge turkey dinner. Mike has the best of both worlds and put a scoop of ice cream on one side and custard on the other !

Well, Kelly's have come up with a fabulous and dead easy recipe for Christmas, using their Clotted Cream Ice Cream.

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream
Serves 6
a 300g Christmas pudding
Kelly’s Clotted Cream Cornish ice cream

Steam the pudding for 1.5 hours. Turn out on to a plate and cool. Break into rough 2cm pieces then stir into Kelly’s Clotted Cream Cornish Ice Cream. Serve, with a little additional splash of brandy.

 This a recipe that I will definitely be using to use up leftover Christmas pudding after Christmas, and I think I might even give it a go with leftover warmed up mince pies - there are always a couple left in the cupboard after Christmas when everyone is sick of them so this will give them a great new lease of life !

There's just one thing left for me to say :
Nadelik lowen re'gas bo, which means may you have a happy Christmas in Cornish (courtesy of the Cornish Language Fellowship Online website).

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £3.21 for 1 litre

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  1. This is out favourite icecream! Definitely going to try that recipe! Thank you!!

  2. Lovely ice cream! Good idea to use it in recipes.

  3. Hmmm Tum is rumbling! I Love Kelly's Ice Cream, you can taste the Cornish in it! Nmmm.


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