Friday 15 April 2011

Baby Royale Bamboo Blanket

A little while ago, online nursery store Hello Baby sent me a lovely baby's blanket to review from Baby Royale. Royal wedding fever has hit the nation and if, in a few month's time, Kate & Wills decide to bring a new little prince or princess into the world, this is just the kind of luxurious blanket that I can imagine them choosing, especially with a brand name like Baby Royale !

As soon as I pulled the blanket out of the packaging, I oohed and aahed about how soft and snuggly it feels. It's one of those materials that is so soft that you just can't resist stroking it against your cheek. Therefore it's absolutely perfect for wrapping up a tiny baby with sensitive, delicate skin. I also love the fact that if you hold it up to a light, you can see pinpricks of light through it so it's a breathable blanket that won't suffocate baby if it happens to go up around his face.

I was intrigued to learn that this blanket is made from bamboo. Years ago, I had a natural bamboo vest top, which had the advantage of being cool in the summer and not making me sweat but it did always feel quite rough and scratchy. Nothing like this blanket which, as I mentioned, is incredibly soft. The difference is perhaps in the fact that this is a blend of 70% Organic Bamboo and 30% Organic cotton. Baby Royale say : "Our unique organic bamboo hybrid provides the most luxurious woven blanket money can buy."

Reading on through the list of advantages that bamboo offers, it's surprising it's not used more often. It is naturally hypoallergenic (for skin and respiratory allergies), naturally antibacterial (so requires no pesticides or insecticides when it grows) and it's three times more absorbent than cotton (it actively wicks moisture away from the baby's skin to reduce irritation and prevent odour).

It is also an environmentally-friendly material, doubly so in fact. Firstly, the blankets are 100% biodegradable and fully organic. But more importantly, bamboo is a fully regenrative crop which will grow back when trimmed with no need for replanting. Great news for the planet.

I'm quite used to having to sacrifice some of the quality and performance of products when opting for an eco-friendly alternative, but in this case, that is certainly not so. The softness, the handwoven effect of the weaving, the very elegant  Babyroyale logo embroidered into the corner of the blanket and the prestigious packaging are all details that highlight the outstanding quality of the product.

Designed to be the ideal size for a baby, the blanket measures 90cm X 75cm, but that hasn't stopped Sophie and Juliette trying to share it on the settee in front of the TV because it is so snuggly, silky and warm !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £35

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  1. This looks lovely, i love bamboo products, they really are lovely and soft for babies :)

  2. It is gorgeous, but expensive :(

  3. I have this blanket-it's cosy and beautiful

  4. i don't like the fact that the fraying ends come off, not safe for new borns at all!!!

  5. No fraying ends came off here at all - have you had a problem with one ? Maybe you should contact the manufacturer/seller as it could be a faulty batch ???


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