Wednesday 13 April 2011

More Royal Wedding Merchandise than you can shake a stick at at Find-me-a-gift !

Having fond memories of the Union Jack-festooned (and I think I was wearing half of them !) street party we had in our road back in the 70's for the Queen's Jubilee, I've been loving hearing about all these potentially very cheesy street parties that are being organised to celebrate the royal wedding at the end of the month. I've already reviewed some of the quirky gifts that have been on offer at Find-me-a-gift for Valentine's Day, Mothers' Day and Easter but they've done it again for Kate & Wills ! Whether you're looking for tongue-in-cheek kitsch or gorgeous red, white and blue products, they have it all. They offered me a selection of review products to choose from and, I have to say, I had a hard time choosing.
The first thing I picked was this gorgeous Union Jack Tapestry Cushion. I love the vintage, retro feel and Union Jacks seem to be the in-thing at the moment, even since before Prince William proposed and royal wedding fever hit the nation ! The cushion is really well made with a Union Jack on one side and a plain ivory cotton panel on the reverse and a zip opening so you can remove the cushion if you need to wash the cover. As a keen sewer (one who sews, not a pipe full of poo !) and patchwork enthusiast, I've tried several times to make a patchwork Union Jack cushion cover and it's trickier than it looks, getting the angles and the measurements just right. I say save yourself the hassle and buy one of these ! I'm not at all surprised to see that these have sold out on the website at the moment because they're gorgeous. (Union Jack Tapestry Cushion RRP £14.99).

I have to admit the Union Jack cushion is much more to my taste than this ultra-kitsch cushion printed with the happy couple, but I'm sure many a granny or royal memorabilia collector will be snapping these up and sticking them on the sofa ! All together now, aaaaahh !!!

The other thing I chose to receive was these hilarious Kate & Wills masks. I'm not sure if it will be me and Madhouse Daddy Mike or Sophie and Juliette dressing up as the happy couple on the 29th but there will definitely be a lot of childish giggling going on either way ! Having a look on the website, there are loads of different celebrities, not just other members of the royal family but Simon Cowell, Bruce Forsyth, Rowan Atkinson, Ozzy Osbourne and many more. I can see these as a really useful product for fancy dress parties or for injecting a bit of fun into any stag or hen-nights organised around the time of the royal wedding ! ( RRP £2.99)

I can remember my mum buying a Charles & Di mug, jigsaw puzzle and special commemorative coin back in the 80's so I wonder what she'll buy this time ! On Find-me-a-gift, there are a whole selection of collectible memorabilia items for the serious collector or anyone who is hoping to sell them on ebay for a tidy profit in 20 years ! These matching teacups and teapots are actually quite cute and not too cheesy and they'd be perfect for having a cuppa while watching the royal couple tie the knot on the big day ! ( £19.99 and £12 for the teacup).

If you're having a street party, they have everything you need to set the scene too, including bunting, flags, patriotic cake stands and Union Jack paper plates.

All that's needed now is a big puffy white dress, a zillion TV cameras, a nervous soon-to-be princess fluffing her lines and we could almost believe we're back in the 80's ! Maybe I should dig out my batwing jumpers, pastel coloured pixie boots and mismatched fluorescent socks !

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