Wednesday 27 April 2011

Sebastian Professional Hydre Conditioner

As I mentioned in my previous review for the shampoo, the lovely Guy Christian, hairdresser extraordinaire (I think he's brilliant since he managed to totally prescribe the right products for my hair just from one quick email !) has kindly sent me a trio of products to try to tame my slightly wild hair.

I absolutely love the shampoo (you can read that review here) and I've been incredibly impressed with the conditioner too. After telling him that I had quite dry, somewhat frizzy hair and that I'd love some extra shine and sleekness, he recommended Sebastian Professional Hydre Conditioner. Now the name Hydre instantly made me think of the Hydra, a multiple-headed sea monster with deadly breath from Greek mythology, but I don't think Guy Christian was being cheeky - it's all about Hydration !

The product promises that its "intense nourishment formula rehydrates dry, frizzy and chemically treated hair for reinvigorated silky body and bounce." Sounds just what the doctor - err hairdresser - ordered. Guy also gave me some insider tips by email : "Same story as the shampoo, small amount, but this time you only apply to the hair that would normally be in your pony tail. If it’s too close to the roots it’ll mean you have to wash again sooner than usual. I’m guessing if it’s very thick it only need a wash ever 2-3 days?" That's brilliant advice as I always slather it all over my head, hoping it'll tame the frizz - sounds like that's a waste of time and conditioner then.

I followed his advice, using much less conditioner than I usually would, and I had the smooth, glossy hair you usually only get when you walk out of the salon. I always though it was all that arm-breaking styling with straighteners that gave the sleekness but apparently not, as I let my hair dry naturally with just a quick brush through every now and again as it dried.

As I'd been so impressed with the shampoo, I decided to try using the conditioner with my usual shampoo and it still gave me lots of extra smoothness and sleekness that I don't usually get so I'm well impressed. You won't find these products in the high street shops as they are "professional" products, exclusively stocked by hairdressing salons, but you can buy them online. I started off cynical but have to admit that I've been wowed by the results.

There's only one tiny thing I don't like much about this conditioner and that's the bottle. It's a bit top-heavy and tends to fall over in the shower !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £14.50 (but £10.19 in the Guy Christian online shop)

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  1. do you know if this is suitable for people with excema / psoriasis .... i have psoriasis but could really do with using a better conditioner ?

  2. That's great for people with "wild" hair! I'll take a note of it to recommend to my friends.

  3. Twinklenic - I don't know but if you contact Guy Christian, either from his website (see above for link) or on twitter @GuyChristian, I'm sure he'd be able to advise you. Good luck x


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