Monday 18 April 2011

Pink Starry Towelling Hoodies from Millets

The kids have been getting so many clothes to review lately, it's great - they'll have a whole new spring wardrobe at this rate ! The latest arrival was a lovely pink, starry towelling hoodie from Millet's for 6-year-old Juliette. (It also comes in a blue stripey version for boys - or girls who don't like pink !)

The description online says : "There's nothing worse than hopping out of the warm, salty sea onto a cold, breezy beach. Kids especially feel the cold so don't leave them shivering in their swimming gear, pack the Star Print Towelling Hoodie from Peter Storm in your beach bag and ensure they keep cosy after their swim or surf. Thanks to the ultra-soft fuzzy fabric, their little limbs will be toasty in no time and the hot pink star print will please even the fussiest of little madams. Since the fit is oversized, you could also double it up as a snug dressing gown and layer over pyjamas. Don't forget the matching Butterfly Surf Suit and Butterfly Splash Suit are only a click away."

Well, it's not just beach wear. As you can see in the photo, Juliette loves wearing it with a pair of leggings for running about outside when it's not quite warm enough for a Tshirt or when the early evening chill descends. I love the fact that it's totally creaseproof so you can bunch it up in the bottom of a backpack (or in the bottom of the pushchair for us) and it comes out in perfect nick as needed.

It's also brilliant for slobbing about in front of the telly as it's so warm and snuggly. If Juliette's nodding off, she sometimes puts the hood up and falls asleep in her own little cocoon on the settee. If they made them in adult sizes, I'd buy one !

At full price, they are quite expensive with a RRP of £12.99, but you can buy them for just £4.99 at the moment online so that's a brilliant bargain.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £12.99 - but currently only £4.99 online

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  1. £4.99 it is a good price. Thank you.

  2. Oh these look great for the beach! And what a fab price too! I thought when i first started reading that these would be a bit pricey, i was expecting over £20, so that was a lovely surprise!!

  3. They look really colourful and great for added warmth. Thanks for the review, @maisietoo


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