Sunday 24 April 2011

Huge thanks to the Fairy Non-Bio Blog-Mother !

I am absolutely loving the way certain brands send fabulous surprise packages out to bloggers. I told you (here) all about a lovely surprise parcel that I recently received from Nature Valley. Well, this time, I was jumping around the room with joy at the wonderful surprise that Fairy sent me.

Before I show you the goodies, I need to explain - in case you haven't noticed in the supermarket - that Fairy Non Bio and Fairy Fabric Softener have created a partnership with Disney's Winnie the Pooh and, to celebrate the release of the film, they are offering three free audio books with the purchase of special packs. (You need to send off your till receipt to get the audiobook of your choice.)

Well, much to the delight of The Madhouse Kids, the suprise parcel had a definite Winnie The Pooh theme. Along with a bottle of Fairy Non-Bio Gel and Fairy Softener, we received the three audiobooks, a gorgeous Winnie the Pooh soft toy and a lovely soft blanket to snuggle up under while listening to the audiobooks.

But that's not the best part. Just look at this ...

They also sent us this fantastic toy box that has already taken pride of place in Pierre's bedroom. It's brilliant quality - hardly surprising as I actually recognised the Pintoy logo so I know that this is a John Crane creation, which explains the outstanding quality. Unfortunately the picture stuck on the front is slightly ripped (but I'm sure Pierre would have delighted in ripping little bits off anyway !) but it bears the lovely message "To Mad House with love from Fairy Non Bio". I absolutely love the personal touch !

I'll be back with a review of the Fairy Non-Bio Gel and Softener soon but I just wanted to share this lovely surprise with you first. A huge thank you to the Fairy Non-Bio Blog-mother !

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  1. Omg that toybox is awesome! We love Fairy here too. It doesn't irritate LOs skin. Wouldn't mind a few surprises lol *hint hint!*

  2. Oh that is lovely we all love surprises. We use Fairy in our house due to my daughter having sensitive skin.

    I would love surprises like that, well done and great review

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Wow that is so gorgeous. We always use Fairy in our house as it's all I can use and all my oldest can use on our skin. They are a lovely company. Enjoy your cool new toybox. x

  5. Oh! I wish Fairy had got in touch with us at John Crane - we could have donated the boxes...!! I wonder where they bought them? For nayone who loves the box try and she will personalise it for you too ! Helen x

  6. I love that toy box, gorgeous!


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