Saturday 9 April 2011

Rachel's Organics Yogurts

How impressive is that photo ?! It looks like it comes out of some posh lifestyle magazine but it was taken by little old me in my kitchen ! I'm sure if you look hard enough, you'll spot some stray crumbs, drips of spilt kiddie drinks or smeared fingerprints on the glass but it just shows it's a real home !

But it's not just the photo that impressed me. I was also seriously impressed with the line-up of delicious-sounding yogurts that Rachel's sent us to try out. From left to right in the photo, there is : Low-fat Vanilla, Greek-style Honey, Greek-style Coconut, Low-fat Rhubarb and, the new limited edition, Greek-style Ginger.

I immediately dived into the pot of Greek-style Coconut because it was one of the varieties that I was sent to sample at Christmas so I knew I loved it. (You can read that review here.) It was just as creamy, refreshing and indulgent as I remembered and I happily ate my way through the 150ml pot all by myself, although not in one sitting !

The girls decided they wanted to try the Vanilla one so I peeled the foil lid off and poured some into a bowl for each of them. I had a little sample too (OK, I admit it, I licked the lid !) and I was impressed at how authentic it tasted, like real vanilla rather than "fake" vanilla ice cream or milkshake. Rachel's explain on their website : "Our low fat vanilla bio-live yogurt has been made simply and with care using only the best locally sourced organic milk and the finest organic Madagascan Bourbon vanilla so that it tastes gorgeously pure." I was stunned to learn that it only contains 2% fat as it tastes really creamy, unlike many overly runny diet yogurts.

The girls loved eating this one with a handful of Smarties sprinkled on top !

Next up was Greek-style Honey, which the girls declared absolutely delicous, especially with fresh strawberries on the side. These big multi-serve pots are great for when you want to whip up a healthy snack or dessert for everyone to share, or add an instant and healthy topping to something like fruit salad or apple pie. I must admit, I wasn't keen on the honey flavour but that's just down to personal taste.

The Low-fat Rhubarb variety was really nice and different - I'd never tried a rhubarb-flavoured yogurt before and was pleasantly surprised ! It's really refreshing, great as a light summer dessert and I was again amazed at how creamy and indulgent it is for a low-fat yogurt.

I left the Limited Edition Greek-style Ginger pot until last, convinced I wouldn't like it. I let intrepid taster Sophie have a spoonful and, much to my surprise, she said it was "really yummy". I decided to have a tentative spoonful myself and it wasn't at all how I imagined it. I associate ginger with a really pungent taste and fiery heat and, despite the little lumps of soft ginger in the yogurt, you don't get either of those - just a refreshing, delicately flavoured yogurt. It's lovely on its own but would also be a great topping for steamed puddings or (obviously not at this time of the year !) Christmas pudding. It's a limited edition though so the chances are, it'll be too late to find out next Christmas !

I'd buy these yogurts for the taste alone, but it's also great to see that they use nothing but pure, natural ingredients (all the flavourings are natural), they're organic and they also contain health-giving probiotic cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium which help improve and maintain a healthy digestive system. As I mentioned, I find the multi-serve pots really handy too, for creating family desserts or just adding a spoonful or two as an ingredient in cooking. (The coconut one is absolutely divine if you stir in a couple of spoonfuls just before serving a korma.)

Definitely worth investigating further as there are many more varieties to try in the range - I think I'll try the Low Fat Apple & Elderflower one next, as it sounds so unusual.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.89 for 450g
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