Friday 15 April 2011

Cadbury's Spots v Stripes Race Season Campaign

When I was recently contacted by Cadbury's about their Spots v Stripes Race Season Campaign, there was no holding back Sophie ! She was determined to rise to the challenge and try to be a record breaker !

A quick musical interlude for any children of the 80s out there who fancy a bit of nostalgia !

Dedication. Dedication. Dedication.
That’s what you need.
If you wanna be the best,
and you wanna beat the rest.
Oo-ooh! Dedication's what you need.
If you wanna be a record breaker. Record Breaker ooooooh!
Ahhh the great Roy Castle ! But enough of that, back to the Race Season campaign. Cadbury's explain : "We've just launched a new period of the Cadbury Spots v Stripes campaign, called Race Season. Race Season is designed to get the nation's fastest people to break Guiness World Records through simple, daily tasks." They have a variety of challenges, from unrolling a toilet roll one handed (yes really !), to doodling, to making cups of tea or stacking coins. Which is the one that Sophie decided to try. She didn't break a record - the one topping the leaderboard does it in under 15 seconds ! - but we did have a huge giggle trying ! You can see her world record-breaking attempt below (that sounds very Blue Peter !) :

If you fancy having a go, head on over to, choose your team and your challenge and get record-breaking !

It may all sound totally madcap but it does have a serious side too. It's all in support of the 2012 Olympics, for which Cadbury's are the official treat provider. And it's not just limited to online challenges. As they explain, "The campaign provides UK residents six weeks to try six different races: from video races, where you upload a video of your attempt, to online races or the Big Race Bar race. Cadbury is running Race Season events around the UK where contestants race in front of a live audience." It's all great fun so go on, get involved ! Leave us a link to your videos too and I'll go and check them out :)

for more information :

or check out Matt Willis, Reggie Yates, Ed Byrne and Rick Edwards try and cheat their way to a world record at

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  1. What a great way to promote chocolate and make us laugh! I love the video!


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