Friday 29 April 2011

Wrigley's 5 Flood chewing gum review

Remember the old jokes about going to the chemist to buy condoms and coming back with chewing gum because you were too embarrassed to ask for them? Well, that was what instantly sprang to mind when I saw the packaging for Wrigleys new 5 chewing gum because it looks like a packet of condoms to me ! Luckily, looking around at the other reviews, I'm not the only one to think so so I'm not totally warped !

The new flavour named Flood is described as "mouthwatering berry" and as I pulled it out of the cellophane wrapper, I was worried it smelt a bit artificial. Taste-wise, it's really nice though. Very refreshing and sweet but I checked the label and it's sugar-free. I'm not sure how the male half of the population would feel about pink chewing gum in pink wrappers but the girls loved it !

The gum comes in indvidually-wrapped sticks which seemed a bit old-fashioned to me as I'm so used to eating little gum pellets like Extra these days. It's probably more hygienic to have them individually wrapped though and the sticks were soft and instantly chewy, unlike some other stick brands which are quite hard and crumbly at first.

The initial flavour is really strong but pleasantly so. After the initial burst, the more mellow flavour does last for quite some time. I had to tell the girls to throw theirs away after about 45 minutes to eat dinner but it still had flavour left, apparently.

Sophie likes all chewing gum but Juliette, who isn't keen on mint, said this was her favourite chewing gum ever ! For mint-lovers, 5 also comes in peppermint Cobalt flavour, and there's also tropical Pulse so there's a flavour to suit everyone.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.02 for 12 sticks

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  1. hahaha i love the start of this post! your right! they do look like a box of condoms! haha! xox

  2. Sounds like a gum that makes your tastebuds savour the flavour

  3. lol, love the packaging, wouldnt like to drop it on the floor though!!

  4. I have these, they are very nice! I have to admit when I first saw them I did think they were condoms too!! LOL

  5. Your right, the packaging does look like a condom packet! Sounds like nice chewing gum though, so we will forgive them!

  6. All Wrigley's chewing gum have aspartame which everyone knows is bad for you


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