Saturday 9 April 2011

Juvela Gluten & Wheat Free Chocolate Brownies

I used to feel really sorry for people who had to follow a gluten-free diet. Well, to be honest, I still do because I can imagine how restrictive it must be to have to check every single label before throwing things in your shopping trolley at the supermarket, let alone trying to eat out or at friends' houses, without a great deal of forward-planning.

I've tried samples of various gluten-free products in the past and they're quite hit and miss. Some can be truly delicious but others, often bread, are dry and hard and unappetising. When I received a pack of Juvela Gluten & Wheat Free Chocolate Brownies to try, I therefore took my first bite with some slight apprehension.

Wow ! They are so moist and delicious that if I hadn't seen the label, I'd never have guessed they were wheat/gluten-free. They are definitely as good as other shop-bought brownies that I've tried (even non-gluten free ones) and they have the added advantage of staying really fresh, not to mention mess-free if you put them in your bag or lunchbox, because they are individually wrapped. For this reason, I'd say they are possibly even better than home-made brownies.

They are relatively high in calories - one smallish square brownie, weighing 35g, contains 166 calories - but if you want an indulgent, delicious, extremely chocolatey snack, they're absolutely ideal. (And yet again, the individually wrapped portions are great because they stop you pigging out on the whole pack ! )

I didn't hide them well enough in the cupboard so the girls wanted to try them and declared them delicious too, as did Madhouse Daddy Mike. Needless to say, the box of six didn't last long once they been discovered !

At over 50p each, they are quite pricey but if you're a Coeliac-sufferer, they are well worth it for a little gluten-free slice of deliciousness !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £3.09 for 6x35g

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  1. Brownies are one cake ( the others seem to be lemon drizzle polenta cake and muffins that don't seem to be any different to a "normal" version. I wish more shops would just produce them in the gluten free recipes and sell them as normal( cafes included) instead of providing both choices and making the GF version twice as expensive. I know the general public assume the GF versions are somewhat inferior and you only need to eat them if you are Gluten and wheat intolerant, but generally it's improving all the time and now our whole family just eats GF products as it makes it so much easier when it comes to cross contamination.

    I'm curious, did these have that odd taste that some juvela products seem to have??


  2. Umm I'm not sure what odd taste other Juvela products have but these just tasted delicious to me, I'd never have known they were gluten-free if I hadn't looked at the packaging, so I assume that's a no !

  3. I used to follow a gluten free diet-its so difficult,however some of those gluten free cakes r lovely-not the biscuits though-but u adapt to change.

  4. i'm not supprised these taste good, juvela stuff is fab, i have their bread and use their 'mix' for my baking. othe GF flours are not so good in comparison (i'm trying to be polite!) I've been at this diet for as long as i can remember (diagnosed at 2 so about 32/33 years!). have to say i don't consider myself a sufferer of coeliacs. i only suffer if i eat something i shouldn't! i don't have to check everything as i always get the same stuff and the coeliac uk handbook comes in v handy. my friends are fantastic too, at my best friends wedding i even had my own special cake! think i may have to save up to try some of these!

  5. Doing a gluten free daily is very difficult yeah! Its like, you have to sacrifice for everything you love to eat. I know there are ways how to cake them with gluten free but, the real ingredients are not their anymore so it means the real taste is not perfect at all! But having gluten free will help us maintain our body healthy!

  6. I hope all the gluten-free companies are reading these comments and taking notes !!


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