Saturday 16 April 2011

Will & Kate : A Love Story - Royal Wedding Children's Interactive Storybook app

As a teacher, but above all as a parent and a total bookworm myself, I love anything that gets kids, especially reluctant readers, interested in reading books. Or in this case, storybook apps. It reads like a fairy tale but is based on the story of Wills & Kate. I've only seen the pdf version because I haven't got an iPad so I couldn't try out the interactive bits but it looks like great fun for kids. Here's the press release, if you want to find out more about it.


Will & Kate: A Love Story - First Children’s Storybook Celebrating The Royal Wedding

As the royal wedding approaches, little princesses everywhere can enjoy the magic of the big day with the beautifully illustrated and highly interactive story book, Will and Kate: A Love Story, designed for the iPad and available on iTunes.

Fun for all ages, this timeless story is packed with charming illustrations by Adam Larkum featuring his quirky, humorous style. Every page is full of interactive elements and sound effects triggered by a simple tap or swipe of your finger. Take a trip across the African plains in a hot air balloon, set off a sky full of fireworks, enjoy a chorus of sheep in the countryside and most importantly help Kate select her wedding dress for the big day by picking your favourite and dressing her in it.

The book also features a "read it to me option" with full narration and simple navigation features, allowing younger readers to enjoy the book alone or with the help of a parent. Whether it's the royal ballroom dancers or the moment Will and Kate actually say "I do," you'll find yourself returning to your favourite pages again and again as you discover the hidden surprises throughout.

Celebrate the wedding of the century with Will and Kate: A Love Story.

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  1. This looks really lovely. My daughter is showing a great interest in the royal wedding. I'll have to see if this works on the ipod touch though as I don't have an ipad

  2. I think all little girls will be blown away by the real-life fairy story aspect on the big day :)


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