Saturday 9 April 2011

Robinson's Double Concentrate Squash

When I was asked if I'd like to review some Robinson's Double Concentrate Squash, I was expecting to find a product that the kids liked but nothing particularly exciting. After all, it's squash - how innovative can they be ?

Well, I'm surprised to say, the answer is - very ! I have to admit, over the years, I've tended to swap over to the supermarket own-brand budget versions of the leading brand squashes. The kids drink it and don't say a word so why spend more for a brand-name ?

Since trying the Robinson's Double Concentrate Squash, I can definitely taste the difference though. It makes the cheapie alternatives taste like coloured water ! They don't taste of anything much, whereas the Robinson's is absolutely bursting with flavour. We received two bottles to try - Orange & Pineapple and Apple & Blackcurrant - but there are five flavours available in total, with Orange, Lemon and Summer Fruits completing the line-up.

The Orange & Pineapple one was really fruity and bursting with flavour - as much like the cheapie squash as comparing frozen burgers and chargrilled T-bone steak ! As soon as Juliette tasted the Apple & Blackcurrant one, she said "ooooh it's purple Fruit Shoots" and Sophie agreed that it's the same taste ! That's great news as the girls love Fruit Shoots but I always think they're quite expensive so keep them for special treats on days out. If you can get the same taste in a big bottle of squash, it will certainly work out a lot cheaper.

I was totally won over by the taste, even as a grown-up, but was convinced the new squash must be packed with sugar to get it tasting so good. Not so ! We've been trying the "no added sugar" ones with sweeteners and only about 7 calories per 250ml glass of diluted squash. I'm trying to cut back on sweet snacks so when I get a sugar-craving, I tend to head for a glass of diet coke. I know that too many fizzy drinks aren't good though so having a great-tasting, low-calorie, non-carbonated drink is also great news for me.

The fact that it's double concentrate means that a little goes a long way. As the bottles contain 1.25 or 1.75 litres, each bottle lasts for absolutely ages. The bottles are quite bulky so I thought they'd be difficult to handle but they have a really handy moulded "easy-grip" part in the bottle which makes it very easy and comfortable to pour. They've gone one step better and fitted a no-spill attachment into the neck of the bottle so even 6-year-old Juliette, who is at the stage where she desperately wants to pour out her own squash, manages to serve herself a glass without making a mess. That gets a HUGE bonus point from me as I don't spend the whole time cleaning up the sticky drips all over the worktop ! It also stops the squash from gushing out too quickly into the glass, making squash so strong it'll make your eyes water !

I think this would make delicious ice lollies too, which would be absolutely perfect for the sudden warm weather we're enjoying. I have to admit, I'll be bypassing the budget squash aisle from now on and buying Robinson's without a second's hesitation. But as a 1.25 litre bottle contains 50 servings and a 1.75 litre bottle contains 70 servings, I won't actually be buying any for a while anyway ! (That also means less plastic bottles which is better for the environment too - it just gets better and better !)

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.59 for 1.25l, £3.49 for 1.75l

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  1. we always buy the double concentrate now. it seems to last forever since we like our squash pretty weak compared to most people. Mix it with sparkling mineral water for a lovely summer treat when the sun shines instead of buying a terrible sugary Tango !! xx


  2. Ooh that's a great idea. We actually have a soda stream machine so I'll have to try it with that :)

  3. Have to totally agree supermarket brands just are not the same as robinsons make.robinsons much better.

  4. always bought Robinsons sugar free juice, cheap stuff makes the inside of my mouth itchy and swell slightly. need to get use to using just half, but love the non spill cap it makes it so so easy to pour, and a brilliant bottle to hold, but would like to see an actual handle for the kids

  5. i buy double concentrated but as i like strong squash i dont think it really helps as i use the same amount!

  6. For all you Robinsons fans, don't miss out on their competition using the bottles to make monsters ! (

  7. Goats like fried eggs?


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