Tuesday 19 April 2011

Crayola Doodle Match Game review

You can tell it's the school holidays. The girls have been busy reviewing all these lovely new toys and games that we've been sent to try out recently. Next up was this Doodle Match Game from Crayola. I couldn't work out what Crayola, well known for their wax crayons (amongst other things), would have to do with a board game, but when Juliette opened the box, it all became clear !

The box contains a small pack of four wax crayons, a double spinner and 12 square wipe-clean cards with various pictures on. A quick read of the instructions and I set Juliette her first task : using the wax crayons to colour in all the pictures, using one or two colours per image. Once all the cards are coloured in, you also need to colour in the four white spaces on the left-hand spinner. The right-hand spinner shows little pictures that represent the twelve cards.

The rules are really simple. You spin both spinners and turn over a card. If the card shows the colour or the picture, you get to keep the card. If it shows both, you not only keep the card but get another go. As this is a pairs-type game, if you've got neither, you turn the card back over but try to remember where it is for next time.

It's a really simple game for kids to pick up and play by themselves and the fact that there are only twelve cards means that it doesn't drag on for too long. Juliette loved it so much that we played two games one after the other (without bothering to rub out and re-colour the cards). Today she managed to play it with her 6-year-old friend with no help from me, even to explain the rules.

The cards are made of thick card so they're very robust and they do rub off easily with a dry tissue or piece of kitchen roll. The fact that your kids will be occupied colouring and then playing means that this would be a great game for playing in the car or aeroplane (although you'd have to get a bit inventive to find places to lay out the cards ! You could maybe play doodle snap instead of doodle match to get around the problem though.)

It's a simple game but is extremely popular with both 6-year-old Sophie and 9-year-old Juliette so it gets the thumbs-up from me too.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £9.99

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