Sunday 10 April 2011

Nature Valley Helping Bloggers Celebrate The Coming Of Spring !

I love surprises - well, good ones anyway. Maybe not the sudden explosive poos or projectile vomiting that kids like to spring on their poor unsuspecting parents !! So since becoming a blogger, I've absolutely loved the little surprise gifts that have occasionally plopped on the doormat totally unannounced. The latest company to make me want to hug my postie is Nature Valley ! Just look at the fabulous parcel that they sent me recently that's packed with goodies that are perfect for organising family nature trips to enjoy the spring sunshine.

There's a brilliant reuseable jute bag (which is perfect for Juliette because the handles are shorter than my usual ones so she doesn't have her bag dragging along the floor when we come back from the market laden down with fruit & veg !). A lovely pair of jewelled fingerless gloves (that Sophie grabbed because Juliette got the bag !). A beautiful Daisy Print vacuum flask from the Victoria & Albert Museum, which is perfect for picnics and trips to the park. A funky wood-effect Nature Valley memory stick, packed full of information about the company and their products. And last but not least, a selection of Nature Valley bars to try.

I didn't actually realise that Nature Valley made so many different types of bars. Here in the Madhouse, we've eaten the Crunchy Granola bars on many occasions and have sampled the various flavours available (Oats & Honey, Canadian Maple Syrup, Roasted Almonds). They've all got a unanimous thumbs-up.
As I type these words, I'm currently munching on one of their very nice Chewy Trail Mix bars. I opted for a Fruit & Nut one but there are also Mixed Berry bars, which sound equally delicious. They're lovely and gooey and packed with flavour and actually remind me of the homemade flapjacks we made a while ago (and which we blogged about here, in case you missed it). I love the fact that you can see big pieces of recognisable ingredients - raisins, almonds, peanuts and cranberries, in the fruit & nut bar - so you know you're eating a high-quality bar. Each 30g bar contains 118 calories, which isn't bad at all - especially as Nature Valley encourage you to get out and about and active, discovering the beautiful countryside around the British Isles.

The company is about so much more than granola bars. They love interacting with their fans (or fans-to-be !) on twitter and facebook and they have a brilliant Secret Spots page where you can tell everyone about areas of natural beauty that you have uncovered. I've uploaded a couple of my fave local secret spots on there, including the stunning Bluebell Woods near Ashford in Kent. They also have over 2000 walks that you can download (for free) from their website too.

But it's about more than just a great photo opportunity or uncovering the perfect backdrop for munching on your granola bar ! They explain on the Secret Spots website : "Nature Valley is working with Dr David Lewis to encourage everyone to enjoy a little 'green time' during their day. Research by the Chartered Psychologist shows that sitting in green surroundings or even just looking at a green view for just fifteen minutes a day, can lower stress levels by up to 60%. This in turn reduces blood pressure and heart rate, and heightens relaxation and physiological well-being levels. It’s the natural way to remedy stress and can be more effective than stress relieving medicine!"

More good news is that the Nature Valley products list is about to get bigger. They will be launching new "Crunchy & More" bars in May which I will be coming back to tell you all about once they've hit the shelves. Can't wait !

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  1. The tumbler looks good! I love Nature Valley bars once in a while. They're crunchy and sweet/savoury (sucre-sale) and I like that combination!

  2. I would like to say that I have now tried the granola mix bars after receiving a free sample. I will be using my coupon to stock up on this healthy snack next time I am at the supermarket.


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