Saturday 9 April 2011

Dreamgenii Twinkle Togs - "the wearable quilt" for toddlers

Sometimes, a company invents a new product or improves an existing one and you wonder why it's taken so long for it to be done. Ever since I received this extremely funky zebra-striped Twingle Tog to review, I've been wondering how on earth I managed without one when Sophie and Juliette were small.

The idea of a baby/toddler sleeping bag (or gro-bag, as they are often called) is nothing new. Even when Sophie was a baby almost a decade ago, she had one. In fact, it's still going strong and Pierre has been using it, even if the front is a bit grubby now from dribbled chocolate milk, as you can see in this photo ! When your baby is small, a sleeping bag is absolutely perfect. Your little one can't kick off their covers and get cold or wriggle down below a blanket and suffocate or overheat. However, once they start toddling about, there is a huge design failure. If you get your toddler up on a cold wintry morning, you don't want to immediately undress them so you inevitably put them on the floor still snuggled up in their sleeping bag. Within seconds, they'll be trying to walk along but, as this is the equivalent of trying to participate in a sack race, they inevitably fall flat on their face.

The Twingle Tog's design totally eradicates this problem because it has legs. It's just as snuggly and warm as a sleeping bag but you zip your baby/toddler into it like a snowsuit. You would not believe how many times I have tried to take a photo of Pierre actually walking about in his Twinkle Tog but it's impossible - he zips about so fast, totally unhindered by his padded sleepsuit, that I haven't succeeded in getting one single good photo - which I suppose is a testimonial in itself !

The attention to detail is incredible and, to me, shows that this has really been thought out by a parent for parents. The little overhang of material at the top to cover the end of the zip initially annoyed me because it got in the way slightly when I tried to do up the zip, then it dawned on me - it's there to stop the metal end of the zip scratching or irritating baby's delicate chin/neck area. Ingenious ! Similarly, the little square of velcro that flaps across the other end of the zip has definitely been invented by a parent driven to distraction by a toddler (like Pierre) who loves nothing better than undoing zips just as soon as you've done then up !

The Twinkle Tog offers all the advantages of a traditional baby sleeping bag, but for a mobile toddler, it has the HUGE advantage of giving them freedom of movement. It's so obvious, I can't believe it's taken so long for this to be made. It's definitely on my list of absolute must-haves for parents of toddlers.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £29.99

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  1. These baby sleeping grow bags look fantastic,think my lil girl is too old for that now,but there wrth recommendin to others def.:)

  2. These look fantastic - I'm a big grobag fan and these are the next step. Great post!

  3. OMG This is the first time I have heard of a Twinkletog - and what a great idea!!! I must admit all my four children slept in sleeping bags - simply because they all seemed to kick their covers off during the night (which is worrying during the colder winter nights). I used to wish they had arms though as even if the little one had a sleepsuit on, I still worried they would be cold.
    Yes, the growbag come romper is a great idea - especially for those just learning or new to walking - as not only will they keep the toddler warm, but the padding will help protect them agains bumps and falls! xxx Great review - just wished I'd known earlier about these!!!

  4. These are great, wish they did them in adult sizes!!

  5. I am thinking of buying one for my baby, what a clever idea!


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