Wednesday 27 April 2011

Jordans Creations Oat Granola review

Every time Jordans create a new product, I read the write-up, shrug to myself and think OK, sounds nice but not really any different to the other products they already do. Then I receive a pack in the post to review and start doing backflips around the room ! Well, not quite, but you get the idea ! The same thing happened when I discovered their new Jordans Creations Oat Granola.

As they explain on their website : "Why not try our delicious new Creations Oat Granola? We think nature has an abundance of wonderful ingredients and some things naturally taste great together. Creations Oat Granola is a perfect combination of lightly toasted oats blended with delicious ingredients like juicy cranberries and golden honey or baked apple with a hint of cinnamon. Creations Oat Granola is sweetended only with honey and contains absolutely nothing artificial." That's why I love Jordans. Other brands make wishy-washy statements like "no artificial sweeteners" or "no added colourings". Jordans just get straight to the point and proudly emblazon their packs with "absolutely nothing artificial". Nuff said !

The granola really is the height of simplicity, taking just a few ingredients and putting them together in perfectly balanced recipes. As they say on the back of the packs, you find "the subtle tartness of cranberries and the gentle sweetness of honey" or "the tangy sweetness of apple and the warming spice of cinnamon".

It's very tasty as a cereal and the girls have been happily munching away on it since I showed it to them but I have to admit, I've been more impressed by the slightly more innovative ways I've been finding for using it. It makes a delicious topping for yoghurt and is great as instant crumble on top of stewed fruit (and it goes lovely and crispy in the oven). I know it would make fabulous flapjacks too, maybe drizzled with white chocolate - yummm ! I also love throwing a couple of handfuls into the bread mix just before I switch on the breadmachine. The sweetness of the fruit but also the crumbliness of the oats gives the fresh bread a lovely depth of flavour and texture. I'm sure I'll find more ways to use it before I reach the end of the box !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £3.49 for 500g

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  1. Mmm, love Jordans and will definitely be giving this one a try - thanks. x

  2. I'm looking forward to trying this it sounds good! Thanks!


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