Thursday 21 April 2011

The Dogs Doodahs Personalised Cards review

Sometimes, review opportunities come up at the absolutely perfect time ! When the chance came through to review a personalised card from cheeky online store The Dog's Doodahs, I grinned to myself - it's my mum's birthday on Monday ! Now call me a cheapskate but that sounded like too good a chance to miss !

The website is quite easy to navigate around. You can select a variety of options (the person the card is for, occasion, style, theme, ...) then browse through the different models on offer. Now, you might be offended by some of these cards or you might keep snuffling with laughter at some of the rude ones ! Personally - and my mum is the same - we fall into the latter category and frequently snort with laughter in card shops wondering how rude we can be without crossing the line !

To give you a vague idea, here are a couple of cards available (and I've purposely kept this quite clean as it's a family blog - there are ruder ones, which you can see if you check out their facebook page for example !)

Now if this type of irreverent humour is not your cup of tea, don't go away ! They do also do "nice" cards. In fact, I opted for a personalised card with a photo of the kids on it and personalised text that will make my mum go aaaahhh !

It was really easy to personalise the text and upload the photo. The only problem is, the card isn't modified in real time as you make changes - you have to click on "show me" to see the saved changes. This makes it painstakingly slow to get the photo in exactly the right position. In fact, I didn't manage to shift mine into the exact position I wanted so in the end I gave up and kept it as it was, with the very top of Juliette's head cut off.

The checkout process was totally painless and took literally seconds, although I had a voucher which deducted the price of the card and postage which presumably made this quicker. I love the option to add a message on the envelope, such as "Crappy birthday !", "Happy birthday old geezer" or, alternatively, a polite "Love from all of us" type message. Posties across the country will be chuckling as they deliver the mail.

They advise you to allow 3 days for delivery but you can pay a supplement for special delivery. With all the long weekends, remember to allow a bit longer. My mum will be getting a slightly belated birthday card through the post next week but at least she'll get her present in time on Sunday when they come over for the day !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £3.99 for a personalised photo card & delivery

for more information :

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  1. definitely worth remembering, thanks

  2. What a great name for a website, I will have to remember this as I love cards that you can personalise especially the rude ones for my hubby, brother and mum and dad!


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