Saturday 23 April 2011

New Stellina Baby cashmere collection - luxury for littlies !

Cotton vest tops and shorts is more the way to go at the moment with the temperatures unseasonably hot, but I still couldn't resist looking at the gorgeous new cashmere collection from Stellina Baby. The dresses are very cute and the playsuits are so adorable they'd almost make me feel broody again, even though I've declared I'm definitely stopping at three !


The inspiration behind the collection is drawn from the bright wrappers of Italian sweets and each garment is named after an Italian candy or chocolate.

The dresses Canella, Amorino and Argumetto are elegantly designed but understated, with lovely details like little bows at the waist, mother-of-pearl buttons and little heart or stars intarsia to add that special Stellina Baby touch. The colour palette is made up of soft candy colours such as pinks, purples and blues mixed with truffle and cappuccino. All 6 dresses are 100% cashmere.

The all in one playsuits are striped with either a star (Putino) or heart (Zenzero) intarsia, they have buttons reinforced by grasgrain ribbon at the back and a closure in between the legs for an easy nappy change. They come in four designs and are all 100% cashmere.


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  1. It looks like Royal Collection, I love Argumetto dress!

  2. I've checked the collection
    Pralina 100% Pure Cashmere Comfort Blankiet is amazing, so cosy and colourful :)

  3. these dresses are gorgeous - so lovely.

  4. Their stuff looks really lovely, but I have had my children and I am stopping at 2, so I will have to buy something for my pregnant siter in law instead!

  5. LOL I know what you mean. Much as I love my kids, I'm definitely stopping at 3 !! :)


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