Tuesday 19 April 2011

Rollasoles roll-up ballet pumps review

If you ever happen to be completely sober and drive past a nightclub at closing time, you'll probably see dozens of girls staggering about in bare feet clutching their strappy high heels in their hands. When you're totally drunk and your feet are hurting (and why are so many nightclubs located up or down a stupidly steep - when you're drunk ! - flight of stairs ?!), it seems like a very sensible option. When you're sober, and a mum to boot, it definitely doesn't. Some police forces actually go out and give the drunken girlies a complimentary pair of flipflops to save their poor vulnerable tootsies ! (I'm not making this up, you can read about it here !)

A far more sensible, funky and comfortable option would be a pair of Rollasoles. They're a cleverly designed pair of ballet pumps that, as the name suggests, roll up so that you can fit them into your handbag. Or, if you're not that well-organised, you can buy them in vending machines at some clubs - now that is a totally ingenious marketing strategy !

As a mum, my clubbing days are long behind me, but I still think these are a great idea. They're brilliant for keeping in your desk drawer for those days your legs and back are aching after a tough day at the office and you now have to get your mum head on and go charging off to the childminder's or the school gates to pick up the kids. As someone who suffered with swollen ankles during all of my pregnancies, I can see that these would have been a godsend too. (As they come in a hygienic storage bag, you could even keep them in the fridge until needed for an even more blissful moment of relief.) They would also be absolutely perfect for people who get swollen ankles on aeroplanes.

This year, Rollasole did their bit to help Comic Relief too, donating the profits from their gorgeous red Paint The Town Red Rollasoles to the charity. So not only you can feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you can also know you're helping those in need in Africa and across Britain.

They're a really good idea and once you've owned a pair, you'll wonder how you ever survived without them. I wonder how many runners were wearing them, or wishing they were, after finishing Sunday's London Marathon !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £6.99

for more information : http://www.rollasole.com/

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  1. Could have done with these, no not after clubbing or pubbing, just trekking back from the shops with lots of bags in the wrong shoes

  2. These look perfect for when my feet hurt after wearing heels for a night out - I might just have to get some! :-)


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