Thursday 21 April 2011

Colgate’s tips for cleaning children’s teeth

I'm lucky to have always had good teeth - my dentist once told me it was a provocation to go and see him with teeth like mine when there was never anything to do !! With the massive advances in the technology used in dental hygiene products on the supermarket shelves as well as the money spent on educating the general public about brushing their teeth, tooth decay should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, that's not always the case though. One of Sophie's 9-year-old friends recently had to have TEN teeth taken out because they were so badly decayed ! Several years ago, I also had two sisters in my classes at school (aged 11 and 13) whose front teeth were just black stumps.

I was therefore really excited today to receive a challenge from Colgate ! They explain : "Colgate Total has created a Healthy Mouth Challenge (accessible via It is a simple at-home test designed to help you identify any areas of concern, help you feel more knowledgeable when you visit the dentist, and remove some of the fear of an impending visit to the dentist chair !" Anything that will help teach the girls about dental hygiene has to be good too so I'm in !

In the meantime, here is some brilliant advice from Colgate about looking after your kids' teeth. Click on the pictures to get a bigger and hopefully easier to read image :

Altogether now ... say Cheeeeese !!

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  1. really interesting article - i agree that tooth decay should be a thing of the past - it amazes me when you hear about young children having to have teeth removed!

  2. Great tips! my nephew loves brushing her teeth. I am just afraid that her gums would hurt. Anyway, thanks for sharing.


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