Thursday 28 April 2011

Robinsons Double Concentrate ‘Squash Monsters’ competition

I just shared (here) Neil Buchanan's top tips for getting your kids involved in arts and crafts and, more specifically, the Robinsons Double Concentrate ‘Squash Monsters’ competition so - as promised - here are our entries !

Whenever the kids want to do messy play, first of all, we totally cover the dining room table in everything you can think of, especially if it's shiny, sparkly, fluffy or funny-shaped. Best to do this bit when Madhouse Daddy Mike isn't around !!

Then I just basically let them get on with it and tell them to experiment with colours and textures. They love having a good rummage in our "interesting odds and ends" bag and inevitably find something that inspires them !

Whatever the end result, the important thing is having fun !

Juliette's efforts - the one on the left is a submarine apparently !

The vampire bat's head and hat is made out of a chopped up washing-up sponge, if you were wondering !

*To find out how you can win some fantastic imaginative prizes, or even a monster holiday to Florida for the whole family, visit

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  1. These are fab :) ive got loads of odds and ends laying round the house as im an avid crafter myself so I can see what Jake, Lily and I will be doin come half term (mental note to save every free newspaper that comes through the door now!)

  2. Brilliant creations...will have to get my girls to make some!!

  3. Thanks for telling us about this comp. We had such a laugh making our monsters, and I got a phonecall yesterday from Robinsons saying one of them had won an art hamper! Fingers crossed for the Florida holiday....

  4. That's fabulous news - well done ! I forgot to come back and leave a message to say - we won too ! So definitely get entering everybody !! x

  5. They look brilliant, made me smile, I have no idea when it comes to these things!


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