Sunday 24 April 2011

Forever Friends Natural Baby products review

Just how cute are these ? We love the Forever Friends bears here at The Madhouse (doesn't everyone, whatever their age ?!) and have already reviewed some of their ultra-cute story books (reviews you can read here and here). I was really excited to learn that they now have their very own range of baby toiletries, and even more excited when we were given the chance to review some.

When the parcel arrived, Sophie immediately pounced on Little Bear and asked if she could have him ! He now has pride of place on the shelf in her bedroom. Meanwhile, I started investigating the range.

There are five products available so far and they all have names and packaging that will make your heart melt quicker than an Easter egg hidden in a sunny spot in the garden ! You can choose between Sleepy Head Body Wash, Splish Splash Bubble Bath, Rub-a-Dub 2 in 1 Shampoo, Nighty Night Cuddle Lotion and Softly Softly Body Butter - although the prices are reasonable enough (between £4 and £6) that you don't actually have to choose, you could buy the whole lot.

As the name Natural Baby suggests, the products contain no parabens, SLES or artificial colours. They are enriched with natural ingredients, such as calendula, camomile, aloe vera, jojoba extract, shea butter and pro-vitamin B5, to nourish and protect baby's delicate skin.

We received the Nighty Night Forever Friends Cuddle Lotion and the Splish Splash Forever Friends Bubble Bath to try out. After spending a day at the beach earlier in the week and getting covered in sand (you can see our pictures here), it was the perfect time to try them.

As soon as we got home, first stop was the bath where the girls begged to use "the teddy bear bubbles" ! It smells lovely and fresh and clean and the extracts of Calendula and Camomile make it great for a relaxing bath before bed to get the kids winding down. It didn't dry their skin out like some bubble baths do, and it didn't sting on the girls' scabby knees either.

After they'd dried off, I used some of the Nighty Night Forever Friends Cuddle Lotion on all of them. We'd all been wind and sand-blasted all afternoon as well as catching the sun slightly (despite the suncream) and their skin seemed to drink it up ! They loved the sensation of me rubbing it into their skin (it would be great for baby massage) and it didn't leave a greasy, oily residue on their skin, as some products do. I rubbed the excess into my hands and it works really well as hand cream too. The Shea Butter and Aloe Vera extract are very nourishing but also gentle on the skin and the delicate fragrance is lovely and relaxing.

All that was needed after dinner was a quick bedtime story (they asked for the Forever Friends bedtime story !) and they were ready to drift off to the Land of Nod, smelling all lovely and clean and dreaming of Little Bear ! Sophie has already asked if she can keep the bottles when they're empty because they're too pretty to throw away !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £4-£6

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  1. Can't wait to try this with my little girl :)

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  3. I will definitely be buying these! Great review!

  4. excellent products for babies :)
    The small bear on the bottle is so sweet

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