Tuesday 19 April 2011

Angelina Ballerina Chipping Cheddar Sweets & Dance Shop Playset review

As I mentioned a few days ago, when I reviewed the new Angelina Ballerina DVD (here), it's turning into a bit of an Angelina-fest here at The Madhouse ! Juliette was over the moon when she received the Chipping Cheddar Sweets & Dance Shop Playset to review, especially as she also received two extra poseable figures (Angelina and Viki).

Juliette jumped straight in and started playing, changing clothes and inventing stories and putting on squeaky mouse voices ! I love toys like this that really fire up her imagination and lead to hours of creative play with not a battery or flashing light in sight !

Each figure (sold separately to the playset, which comes with one Angelina figure) comes with two extra dance outfits that remind me of Polly Pocket rubbery clothes. Juliette loved changing the outfits and managed to pull them on and off easily, apart from the tiny ballerina shoes which were a bit fiddly.

The playset reminds me of a Playmobil playset (which Juliette also loves), with the added bonus that you can change their clothes. You can also remove most of the items from the playset, including the counter with a till, the dining booth with removable parasol and dressing table.

There aren't that many elements in the playset so I was amazed at how captivated Juliette was and how long she played with it for. The fact that you have two shops side-by-side let to a lot of going from shop to shop and forgetting things and having to go back to the first shop ! I love listening in on the kids' creative play !

I love the fact that the playset folds out for playtime then folds away again to take up the minimum amount of space in the toy cupboard, as well as keeping all the little accessories carefully (and tidily) tucked away and out of reach of the vacuum cleaner !

As a parent, you look at it and see a fairly basic plastic toy. As a child, well, you just have to look at Juliette's face to see that it's a magical world straight out of the TV that she has had huge amounts of fun playing with.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £20

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  1. my daughter likes angelina ballerina, your reviews are great for getting ideas for bday/xmas presents!

  2. I love checking out other people's blogs for the same reason ! :)

  3. Where did you find the sweet shop and dance shop??? i cant find it anywhere... please email me my 3 yr old is obsesses with angelina and i cant find anything anywhere :( please email me stephkeeper82@yahoo.com

  4. I've asked the PR person to see if they can help :)

  5. Thank you i live in the US and they do not carry anything Angelina ballerina and i even called mattel both us and Uk and neither said they can help me. Were looking for the sweet shop and the angelina house playset and the viki and gracie posable doll. Please do email me at stephkeeper82@yahoo.com Thanks so much for your help. Im just trying to make my 3yr olds christmas. Stephanie


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