Monday 25 April 2011

SodaStream’s Limited Edition Royal Wedding Passion Fruit flavour review

When I was a kid, I desperately wanted a SodaStream machine and a Mr Frosty ice slush maker. I didn't get either because my mum and dad said they were just a fad and wouldn't get used more than about once. Well, I still haven't got a Mr Frosty machine (do they even still make them ?!) but I did get a SodaStream machine to review last year and I can tell you, it's been in use non-stop ever since. I couldn't tell you how many plastic bottles that equates to that don't end up in landfill or how much money we've saved. And the kids - not to mention Madhouse Daddy Mike - are still just as excited about making the machine "fart" every time !

I was actually really impressed to see just how many different flavours are available. We usually opt for cola, orange, lemon and pink grapefruit but there are loads of different varieties available, although I've never seen some of these in the supermarkets. The current complete list is : New Flavours - Blackcurrant, Pink Grapefruit, Cream Soda, Dandelion & Burdock, Cherry, Lime, Blueberry Sport, Red Berry Mix, Green Tea, Sugar Free Blackcurrant ; Clear - Cranberry Raspberry, Mango Apple, Kiwi Pear, Passion Mango; Cola - Cola (sugar free), Cola (improved formula), Diet Cola; Fruit - Lemonade, Orange, Lemon Lime, Apple; Sugar Free - Sugar Free Orange, Sugar Free Lemonade, Sugar Free Tonic, Sugar Free Cranberry and Raspberry ; Mixers - Tonic, Ginger Ale ; Energy - XStream, Diet XStream.

Well, you can now add a new one to the list because, in honour of the Royal Wedding, SodaStream have created a brand new passion fruit flavour. As well as supposedly being the favourite flavour of Kate Middleton (or will we have to start calling her Princess Catherine after the wedding ?!), I'm sure it's also meant to be a cheeky evocation of their wedding night ! Anyway, on to the drink itself, before I get myself beheaded for disrespecting the future king !

SodaStream say : "The limited edition Royal flavour is made with an exotic Passion Fruit berry mix that can be enjoyed as it is, made into a refreshing fruity punch, or a sparkling royal cocktail in minutes. So whether you’ll be holding your own street party or plan a more low-key get together, SodaStream’s Kate and Wills commemorative flavour is the perfect celebratory tipple."

I was actually a bit dubious about a passion fruit flavour because it can sometimes be eye-wateringly sharp and acidic, but I needn't have worried. It's actually a lovely sweet, fruity flavour with a refreshing tang that is perfect for summer. It's gorgeous, which is just as well because SodaStream generously supplied me with three bottles of the stuff ! As each 500ml bottle of flavour concentrate is enough to make 12 litres of fizzy drink, that's a lot of fizz ! Maybe we should organise our very own street party next Friday too !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £3.29

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  1. Sounds nice. I love passion fruits! @maisietoo

  2. where can i buy this i no im late i cant find it any where online at all i need this flavour lol ???

    1. It was a limited edition for the royal wedding so I doubt very much you'll find it now. Sorry ! :(


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