Friday 29 April 2011

Jaxx 'Mouthy Chocolate' chocolate crunches review

Well, it may be Easter but here at The Madhouse, our motto is you can never have too much chocolate so we jumped at the chance to receive some Jaxx chocolate crunches to review.

This new chocolate product is specifically targetting the teen-tween market, namely 10-18 year olds. The manufacturers explain : "“The market told us they wanted chocolate with attitude, something that was new and that really connected with this ‘early teen’ target audience. So we’ve developed Jaxx from the ground up. An incredibly moreish chocolate confectionery product that talks a different brand language from the competition. The impact has been immediate and quite astonishing with thousands of supporters embracing our social media platforms and directly engaging with and becoming ambassadors for the brand.”

I have to say, I do like the branding. The idea of "Mouthy chocolate" with a cheeky cartoony figure that reminds me of the Pepperami sausage is appealing. I also like the bright colours and the pouch-style bags which are sturdier than the usual chocolate bags and less likely to spill their contents all over the floor. The online presence is good too. Jaxx say : "A groundswell of support has been generated by the audience, with Facebook being the location of choice for discussion and debate. Alongside this a website,, has been custom-built and is working well to engage and interact via competitions, games and ‘webisodes’ (fun and relevant videos and mini documentaries uploaded by the audience). To date, the Facebook page has received 10,500 Likes – a remarkable feat in just three months." Competitions and giveaways are always good !

But I have to say, the chocolate itself was a slight disappointment. It's tasty but lacked the wow-factor that I was expecting self-styled "mouthy chocolate" to have. There are three flavours : milk chocolate, which remind me of Maltesers but the biscuity centre is not quite so sweet and fluffy; coco crunches, which are the same with a chocolate-flavoured biscuit centre; and our faves, the orange flavour ones, which are a bit like Poppets. Nice but nothing ground-breaking. I thought they'd have something totally innovative like popping candy or eye-watering sour flavours that kids seem to love or colouring to turn your tongue blue !

As Sophie, aged 9 , is the closest to the target audience, I asked her what she thought and she said they were yummy so I'm sure they'll be very popular all the same.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : 69p for 50g

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  1. I love the idea of chocolate with attitude! I'll be keeping an eye out for these.


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