Saturday 5 November 2011

My Slow Toys Nominations

If you've read my post about the Slow Toy Movement (if not, it's here), you'll know that they're looking for nominations for top slow toys.

As explained on the Regards Rainbow post, Asobi are asking people if they can spare the time to name 12 toys, launched on the UK market this year that fit in the slow toys definition of:

• Not made of plastic
• Ethically sourced
• Fun to play with
• No need for batteries
• Sold in independent toy shops
• Durable
• Without thousands of different functions (rely on the child’s imagaination for this!)

Well, I've been thinking and it's not that easy to find toys that correspond to all those criteria. The ASDA wooden toys that we reviewed are great but I don't think they'd count as an "independent toy shop". I can think of zillions of John Crane toys that we've reviewed and loved (and still play with) but none that were released this year.

I'll see if I can make it to 12, but it's doubtful ! OK, here goes !

1. Mölkky - great oudoors game from Finland made from ethically sourced wood, perfect (and we reviewed it here)

2. Castle Logix Towering Blocks - brain training wooden toy that tests your logic (that we reviewed here)

3. John Crane High Tea Matching Game - deliciously pink, lovely to play with and gorgeous to look at on the shelf (we reviewed that here)

4. OK, so it's not an independent toyshop but I was seriously impressed with ASDA's budget but ethically sourced wooden toy range, including the Play & Learn 50 Piece Wooden Blocks Playset (that we reviewed here).

5. My Little Sandbox (reviewed here) - who needs a garden ?!

6.Pintoy Fire Engine - I love Pintoy wooden toys (we even created a whole blog (here) detailing the adventures of Jenny Woodenmum last year !) but we haven't reviewed any of this year's offerings. Find out more about it here.

7. The fabulous personalised Ride on Retro Racer that you can buy at When I Was A Kid (

8. Gorgeous girlie mini fairy skittles (but they also have pirates and animals !), available here.

9. Lovely retro ride-on bunny shape sorter that reminds me of the kid of walker I had as a kid :) (Available from )

10. I love this Gruffalo Plant Press - I remember winning a book token at primary school in a pressed wild flower album contest ! (available here)

11. Perfect for building up the excitement and getting prepared for Christmas - I remember making paper chains like the ones in this funky Paper Chain Kit (available here)

12. And - yay, I made it to twelve !! - funky coloured wooden pull-back racing bugs. Who needs plastic ones ?

If you have any other great ideas, let me know !

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  1. love the pintoy fire engine, and never thought of Molkky....


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