Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Silver Spoon Create Cake Decorating products review

This chirpy (or should that be chocolatey ?!) little header sets the scene ! As well as having fun reviewing Wii games during their half-term holiday, we also got hands on in the kitchen trying out some of the lovely cake decorating goodies that Silver Spoon had sent us through to try out.

As the littlies started setting out the paper cake cases in the tins, Sophie started discovering the goodies that we would be using : Strawberry Flavour Buttons, White Chocolate Letters and Numbers (which have already been used !), Giant Snowies and Lilac Food Colouring.

The first step was to knock up some quick fairy cakes for us to decorate. Ten minutes later, they were ready but looking rather boring. Time to fix that !

Now this was where I made a serious strategic error. I decided to make some lower fat butter icing by replacing the butter with soya spread. We mixed in the lilac food colouring (the box has a handy guide on it, to show you how many drops of colouring you need for the different shades of purple) and at first, everything was hunky dory.

I used a sandwich bag with a snipped off corner to make an impromptu icing bag and Sophie set about putting a swirl of "butter" icing on each cake. At this point I noticed (too late !) that the icing was starting to separate and it ultimately started to create purple "water". The only solution was to eat them quickly before it made the fairy cakes go soggy ! They tasted fine, even if they weren't as pretty as they should have been !

Sophie was very impressed with the size of the Giant Snowies !

We decided to use the suggestion on the box and break them in half to make butterflies. You can snap them in half or cut them with a sharp knife. I was worried they would shatter but they didn't and it gave a much cleaner symmetry.

Next up, we tried out the Strawberry Buttons, which are just like normal chocolate buttons except for the fact that they're pink and taste of strawberries ! The pack suggests melting them and using them to cover cakes but we went for simplicity and used a small dab of squeezy Designer Icing to stick one on the top of each cake. We can also confirm that they taste absolutely delicious when eaten straight from the pack !

Ta-da ! Snowy Butterflies and ... ummm ... fairy cakes that look like nipples ! (I'll say it before someone else does ! I can see a boobie food theme starting here, after the Kelly's of Cornwall Ice Cream review here !).

Smiley faces all round ...

Even for the Butterfly Cakes with the slightly manky icing !

The huge smile says it all ! Top marks for Silver Spoon !

star rating : 5/5

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  1. they look great, i quite fancy giving the strawberry buttons a go

  2. I like the butterflies and they look an easy way of decorating cupcakes for a school cake sale


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