Saturday 7 June 2014

Half & Half-Term Sporty Fun with Warburtons

As Commonwealth Games fever (not to mention World Cup frenzy) hits the UK, research revealed by Warburtons highlights that this summer’s high profile sporting events will inspire a third (29%) of kids and over a quarter of parents to take part in more physical activity. To help kick things off, they teamed up with Olympic Triathlon champions the Brownlee Brothers to launch the ‘Warburtons Half & Half-Term Games’. They sent us through a week’s worth of fun family activities, inspired by their world class sporting experiences, for May Half-Term, along with some sporty accessories and a whole bundle of Warburton' Half & Half products, to fuel the Madhouse budding athletes !

As well as the Warburtons products, we received these sporty surprises.

The table tennis game provided lots of laughs. (It's ingenious because it can be clipped to any table, retracting to be the perfect size.)

The sponge football got a very enthusiastic reception - we started off playing inside because of the rain !

As well as football, it was great for volleyball.

I love how seriously they took the goal-scoring !

Everyone won a medal and they decided to transform the cones into hats, walking up and down with them balanced on their heads !

Warburtons also came up with the following Half & Half-Term Games, but these are great fun (and nice and energetic) all year round :

1. The Backward Sprint
Let the Great Half & Half-Term Games begin! Mark out a start and finish line and race backwards. No turning round now!

2. Human Hurdles
Make a line of people and then leapfrog over all of them. The fastest hurdler wins. Jump to it!

3. Disco-tastic Gymnastics
Someone plays a funky tune. Then everyone else dances like crazy. Suddenly, the DJ hits stop. When they do, everyone should freeze in a gymnastic-style pose. If someone's still moving, they are eliminated. Carry on until you have a winner

4. Topple Tug of War
Find two sofa cushions. A competitor stands on each, holding a rope between them (try using a rolled up towel). Then it's ready, steady…pull! The person to stay on their podium wins

5. The Short Jump
The Long Jump's little brother. Get set. Run as fast as you can to a start line. Then jump forwards…the shortest distance possible

6. Little Triathlon
It's the big one and the Brownlee's favourite event! Run one lap backwards doing the backstroke, then bike five laps of the garden and then run four laps of the garden. It's one continuous event, so keep going. Good luck!

7. The Hose Jump
This is for warm days and brave kids! Get your garden hose out and turn it on to full blast. Next, put your thumb over the top of the hose to create a jet stream and each time the group runs and jumps over the water you higher it. Those who miss are obvious to spot...they have wet legs!

8 Mini Commonwealth Steeple Chase
Get the whole family involved in creating a mini steeplechase in your garden or local park. Encourage the kids to build their own assault course using anything they can get their hands on! Hurdles made from cardboard boxes, walk a tightrope using the garden hose or skipping rope, toss a water balloon at a target, zigzag through a slalom course of sofa cushions, the laundry basket and make things competitive with the addition of a stopwatch!

9. Cycle-tastic Fun
Why not make exercise fun for the whole family and friends, by having your own cycling race! Simply, line up at a chosen start line and race against one another to the finish line!

10. Mini Kids Relay
Now is the time to get the kids working as a team! Organise yourselves into teams (minimum of 2 in each), pick a starting line and a target point. Using a stopwatch, the kids begin the race at the starting line, run to the target and then run back to their teammate waiting at the starting line to take their turn. Add fun to this event with homemade medals to wear at the finish line! With this event, everyone is a winner!

After all that running, jumping and giggling, it was time to refuel.

Half and half rolls with ham and cheese plus cherry tomatoes and cucumber on the side were perfect !

They make great burger buns too.

Disclosure : We received a hamper of Warburtons products and sporty accessories.

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