Monday 9 June 2014

Freezeez Instant Ice Cream Maker review

When Worlds Apart got in touch to see if we'd like to try out their new instant ice cream maker called Freezeez, I knew it would be a hit with the Madhouse Mini-testers, and that was even before I learned that it comes in three different character cones (Minnie Mouse, Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle and Spider-Man).  

Once out of the pack, here is what you get - a metal ice cream cone-shaped recipient where the ice cream is made, a Spiderman lid, a tub for putting ice to freeze the ice cream and a little plastic spoon.

I was very impressed to see that it only needs store-cupboard basics - we used clotted cream (but double cream is what they mention in the instructions), strawberry jam, sugar, a little milk, ice cubes and salt - and that it literally only needs two minutes, with no previous chilling or freezing necessary.

I put the clotted cream into the cone (up to the ridge), added a little milk and sugar then a splodge of strawberry jam, although you can get a bit creative at this point (there are various recipe suggestions in the enclosed instruction leaflet) then passed it over to Pierre to stir it, which he took very seriously !

As the clotted cream was already solid, this instantly made a fairly firm ice cream.

Time to prepare the clever bit - by adding salt to crushed ice, this lowers the temperature even more than freezing point so that the metal ice cream cone gets super cold and freezes the mixture.

After just two minutes of shaking, it's ready to eat.

As they say in the instructions, don't worry if it looks like there's not much there - it all sticks to the sides so you have to scrape it off.

This made a delicious but quite runny ice cream with the texture of Mr Whippy type ice cream on a hot day. I should point out that it was in fact a hot day and I also didn't have a huge amount of ice so it probably could have done with a bit more to make it firmer.

The kids were really excited about creating ice cream from "nothing" though and we all thought it was very tasty. We'll be having another go tomorrow, possibly making clotted cream ice cream again or maybe having a go at sorbet with fruit juice. It's a shame it makes such a small amount though - a family-sized one would be a great invention.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP :  £12.99

Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Super! I better not show it to Eddie or this Spiderman ice cream maker will go on his never-ending birthday wish list. :)

  2. Fantastic! Oh this looks like so much fun! :) Thanks for linking up with #KidsCorner :)


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