Saturday 28 June 2014

Tales from the kitchen sink ! #kitchentales

BritMums and Fairy Platinum have joined forces in a new challenge, asking bloggers to share their kitchen tales. They explain : "Tell us your kitchen story in words or pictures; it can be anything from the view you enjoy during some rare ‘me-time’ to celebrating a special family occasion. Whatever your kitchen story is let us know why this means something special to you." Well, I think this picture perfectly sums up what The Madhouse kitchen represents to us.

It's a place where we spend many a happy afternoon having fun in the kitchen, baking up loads of lovely goodies to enjoy together.

I have fond memories of cookery lessons at school, making fairy cakes (nobody said cupcakes back then), jam tarts, gingerbread men, raspberry buns and coconut macaroons and I love recreating these tasty trips-down-memory-lane with my own kids.

It's not all retro seventies throwbacks though. I also love the concept of globe-cooking, discovering exotic cuisine from countries I may never get to visit in real life, and the kids love joining in, even making quite complicated things like stuffed vine leaves and spring rolls. 

It can be quite educational too, looking at where the different recipes come from (geography), weighing and measuring or setting the timer (maths), seeing how things change when they cook, melt or freeze (science), following the instructions (reading). It's great to see how proud my little chefs are when their masterpieces are finished too.

What's not so great is the state of the kitchen afterwards, with sticky spillages to wipe up and a huge pile of washing up overflowing in the sink and pretty much on all the work surfaces !

This is where Fairy Platinum came to the rescue, sending through a pack of their All-in-one dishwasher tablets. I posted a review of Fairy Platinum Dishwasher tablets a few months ago, complete with pictures showing how it managed to get my dishes but also my dishwasher clean. Fairy by name and fairy by nature - by stacking all the dirty pots, pans, spoons, bowls and knives in the dishwasher and pressing the button, it's like waving a magic fairy wand around the kitchen and instantly getting rid of most of the carnage !

Juliette still prefers this way of getting the bowls and spatulas clean though !

Disclosure :  This post is an entry for the “My Kitchen Story” Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum

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  1. Agree with Juliette, licking is the best way of cleaning spatulas. Also fingers for the bowl after making a cake dough, lol. The best part of baking! I'm adding your post to mine. :)

    1. I used to worry about the raw egg in cake mix but then I figured it never did me any harm ! Thanks for the link-up :)

  2. Great post, good luck in the competition. I do a linky for kids cooking if you'd be interested, it starts on Tuesday mornings my blog is Raisiebay, I'd love to see you there.

    1. I'll try to remember to come over - feel free to send me a reminder tweet on the day !

  3. Nice to know that you enjoyed cookery classes at school, and have passed on your positive experiences to your children. It can be good fun and great learning, whilst supportive of a sustainable lifestyle for future generations. As fresh home made food is so tasty, nutritious and filling. Cleaning up afterwards is all part of life. Youngsters nowadays are encouraged to clean and tidy up after themselves by "Tidy Up Time" etc. Which is good for all the family, home and health. Dishwashers can be a great asset to a busy house-hold. Though food scraps need to be disposed of sensibly, etc. All these little parts of managing a household can be so productive in producing responsible Caring, Sharing adults. Well Done!

    Rachel Craig

  4. Lovely pictures and the words really get across a sense of a very happy family life. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  5. Looks like great fun can't wait till my hands are reliable enough to start baking with the family again :)


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