Tuesday 3 June 2014

#ReadCookEat : Steak & Salad (inspired by The Boathouse)

Having set myself the challenge of getting a recipe out of every new book I read, I thought I might have to admit defeat with The Boathouse by R.J. Harries. (You can read my review here.) Until almost the end of the book, the only food mentioned is some sandwiches ordered in from Claridge's. Nobody seems to cook at all and even when they go out to dinner, we don't find out what they eat. It hasn't even got an exotic location for culinary inspiration. My redemption came almost at the end of the novel when lead character Sean cooks for his partner-in-crime-busting, Forsyth. It's not very elaborate because he goes for classic man-food but at least there's a recipe, however basic !

 Steak & Salad (inspired by The Boathouse)

"He chopped some organic cucumber, sultan's jewel tomatoes, kalamata olives, jalapeño peppers, red onion and romaine lettuce. Added extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and tossed it all in a teak serving bowl with large wooden spoons. He fried the thick steak on a griddle pan until medium-well and let it rest for five minutes. Dijon mustard was the only condiment placed on the island."

Hmm not exactly rocket science, was it ?! I'll be getting my teeth (quite literally) into something a bit more elaborate for my next read - Mike Martin's Beneath The Surface which is set in the New Brunswick area of Canada and is packed with detailed descriptions of everything that Mounted Policeman Sergeant Windflower eats. I'll be spoilt for choice !

I'm linking up with the #ReadCookEat challenge, over at Chez Maximka and Chris - Cooking Around The World.

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  1. A classic meal with fresh ingredients, what could be better! Thank you for being no.1 supporter of our culinary challenge!

  2. There has to be a reason that I would love to have a plate of this right now. Guess for yourself! I wonder, though, how you manage to read so many books in such a short time ... kind of.

    1. I actually finished this one a couple of weeks ago and when I went to link through to my review, I realised it was still in drafts ! I'm a total bookworm though so I get through about a book a week :)


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