Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Rockabye Baby Kids Anarchy Tshirts

After two little girls, I have to admit that I'm loving buying all the really masculine little boy clothes. Even if he loves grabbing the girls' necklaces and bracelets and putting them on, there is absolutely nothing pink, sparkly or fluffy in Pierre's wardrobe ! Even so, he does have an awful lot of "cute" stuff with all the classic little animals, vehicles and monsters that are the staples of toddler clothes manufacturers.

When I was offered a T-shirt to review from funky toddler/children's clothes company Rockabye Baby, I actually laughed out loud. Imagine a crazy mix of Mothercare and The Sex Pistols and you're not far wrong ! Move over Sex & Drugs & Rock n Roll, it's time for Nappy Checks & Hugs & Rocking & Rolling About on the Floor with these cute and quirky baby anarchy T-shirts.

Pierre received the black long-sleeved Anarchy T-shirt with a green logo. The first thing that leapt out at me was the quality. The material is really thick and really soft. It may not have the ubiquitous poppers at the neck or back that many kids' T-shirts have but it slipped easily over his head due to its generous neck hole. I'll let you judge for yourselves but I think he looks extremely cute, and extremely grown-up too !

The T-shirt has been through the wash and came out in pristine condition. You can really tell it's good quality because it retains its shape really well and doesn't go at all baggy or misshapen.

If you want something a bit different for your tiny tot to wear because you're fed up of all the pastel colours and cute characters, you should definitely go and have a look because you're sure to find something to take your fancy in their funky, highly original collection.

Look out for a giveaway coming right up to win two funky Anarchy T-shirts right here !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £16.99

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  1. love the t-shirt,can just see my son in it.
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  2. he looks super cool!! Great Review!

  3. I love these alternative clothing brands for kids...awesome!!

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  7. i like to buy those shirt but can i iron the print of your shirt? just send me an email on how to buy it.


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