Monday 13 January 2014

Gerlinde Naturals Balancing & Purifying Face Cleansing Oil review

A little while ago, I was selected to trial a sample from Gerlinde Naturals from the Beauty On Trial website. I have to admit, I'd never heard of them before, but I've learned that they're a 100% natural, high quality and vegan skincare company, based in the UK and founded by Gerlinde Seeley. I selected the Balancing & Purifying Face Cleansing Oil because it sounded best suited to my skin type. When it arrived, I was blown away by the packaging.

It came in a little brown corrugated cardboard box with a gift tag tied on and a beautiful metal "made with love" heart. Sophie has already asked if she can have it to add to a charm bracelet or keyring.

Inside the box was a little bottle of product and a Washi! cotton hot cloth. I read the enclosed information : “This Cleanser is very easy to use and a couple of pumps massaged into the dry face melts away make-up and dirt. Removing the cleanser with a soft, damp cotton cloth won’t leave your skin in the slightest bit greasy. With continued use, it has a balancing and purifying effect on any type of skin - dry and sensitive areas will be moisturised and oily areas will be less greasy.” 

The key ingredients in this cleanser are Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Apricot and Coconut Oil and Essential Oils. I poured some out onto my hand and, although I was pleasantly surprised by the slightly herbal fragrance (it reminded me of walking through the ferns on a summer evening with the dogs), I was put off by the oiliness and the seeming heaviness. I thought it would leave my face feeling horribly greasy.

Without further ado, I headed off to the bathroom and, after rubbing my hands together, gently rubbed them over my face. I was stunned - my face felt instantly dry and not at all greasy. Where did all the oil go?! Well, the answer is, my skin greedily drank it all up and felt instantly softer and hydrated. Even now, a few hours later, if I run my fingers over my face, my skin feels softer.

I ran the Washi! cloth under hot water and over my face, but I didn't actually need to. I'd be tempted to use the oil just before bed as a night moisturiser, but it is also lovely as a cleanser and make-up remover.

I wasn't sure how I'd get on with an oil-based cleanser but I absolutely love it. It doubles up as a cleanser/make-up remover and moisturiser in one, saving space on the bathroom shelf and working out cheaper as you don't need to buy two separate products. I'll definitely be looking at the rest of the range to see what else they have on offer.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £8.90 for 50ml

for more information :

Disclosure : I received the sample in order to write an honest review.

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