Sunday 19 January 2014

Love Food Hate Waste: Use up your Sunday roast leftovers #loveeverymouthful

You may remember that just after Christmas Knorr and Mumsnet challenged me to find some new ways to use up the festive leftovers. I came up with loads of ideas including meat & vegetable pie, risotto stuffed pumpkin, Christmas pasties, minty lamb fricassee and pork in cider mushroom gravy.

This week, a lovely collection of recipes from Tesco landed in my inbox that are brilliantly developed to help you turn your roast leftovers into delicious additional meals and snacks. As well as making you feel very virtuous by reducing your food waste, they will help you save money and are also very quick and simple. I'll definitely be trying some of these out :

Roast Chicken

A classic whole roast chicken dinner is perfect for any night of the week, and best of all, there’s always leftovers for the next day! For something a little different, try making a light, tasty and healthy Thai chicken soup, or for that impressive sarnie, try the chicken club sandwich. And not forgetting the kids, they’re certain to love the sticky finger-licking chicken!


Oven-baked salmon is a great alternative to the usual Sunday roast and any leftovers will provide an appetizing week day meal. Delicious Salmon and Lentil Salad is a good healthy option, or for something easy but indulgent salmon and feta pizza is perfect for that lazy evening in front of the television. For a light snack with friends, the salmon and chive bruschetta is certain to go down a treat.

Pulled Pork:

Meltingly tender and juicy pulled pork is a winner on most dinner tables, and it tastes just as good served the following day in a delicious pork and coleslaw sub. Alternatively, try the simple all-in-one pork and sweet potato dish served with sour cream, or the homemade pulled pork pizza with a smoky barbecue sauce.

Turkey :

This seasonal favourite always provides plenty of leftovers to make into incredible meals. Everyone loves a burger, so grab some crusty bread, succulent turkey and finish with traditional stuffing, or for that light and quick mid-week dinner why not make a turkey pesto salad. For a wonderfully aromatic curry dish try the spiced turkey pilaf recipe.

For further information and recipes please take a look at:
For more information on top tips to reduce food waste, please click on the following link:


  1. Some great ideas! I hate wasting food too! :-)

  2. The idea of salmon and feta pizza is brilliant. I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't seen your blog - thanks.

    1. I thought they were great ideas - simple but effective :)

  3. What great ideas! Ohh yum Pulled Pork one of my fave things ever... :)

    1. Pulled pork has been on my "must try" list for ages but I have yet to make it. It sounds lovely so I really should !

  4. GREATTTTTT sharing!


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