Saturday 22 January 2011

Fabulous Bakin’ Boys Fruit ‘n’ Oat slices

When I was given the chance to receive some new Fabulous Bakin’ Boys Fruit ‘n Oat Slices, I jumped at the chance. Not only the girls love these kinds of bars so they make handy lunchbox snacks or afterschool treats (which are much better for them than a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps), but also, these ones are being well and truly marketed in the healthy snacks category. Just one look at the huge pictures of juicy fresh fruit on the packaging should be enough to get the message across, but to really hit it home, they also say that they are "the first ever baked snack containing one portion of fruit". If your kids have a bar in their lunchbox and another one when they get home from school, that's two of their five-a-day done and dusted so these are great if you have picky eaters who tend to turn their noses up at fruit and vegetables.

I was expecting the bars to be very similar in taste and texture to the usual cereal bars and flapjack type snacks on offer so when we first opened them up, we were really impressed to see how different they are. Unlike all the others that we've tried in the past, the Fruit 'n' Oat slices are made of two distinct layers - you get the classic oaty bar dotted with pieces of fruit (strawberry, blackcurrant or apple depending on the variety you've picked) but also a fruity base packed with sultanas, apples and apricots. There's a heaped tablespoon's worth of dried fruit in each bar so they're lovely and moist and chewy and you don't get the "mouth full of sawdust" sensation that you sometimes do with the cheaper bars !

Each bar does contain approximately 15.5g of sugar, but I would think that a lot of that comes from the fruit itself and at least you're getting all the goodness of the oats and fruit that other sweets and snacks don't offer. Taste-wise, the whole family loved them, even the grownups, so it's easy to believe their claim that they achieved a 90 per cent approval rating in taste trials with mums and kids. Madhouse Daddy Mike did say he thought they were a bit small, so he will be pleased to learn that they will also be launching a larger version of the strawberry and apple bars for people on the go in the upcoming months. We also felt that the flavours available - Strawberry ‘n Oat, Blackcurrant ‘n Oat and Apple ‘n Oat - were a bit "same old same old" so we'd like to see some more exotic or unusual fruits added to the range. I did a quick brainstorming with the girls and they suggested mango, cherries, grapes, banana or melon !

I'd never heard of the Fabulous Bakin’ Boys but they also have a whole host of other delicious-sounding goodies in their product range, including muffins, flapjacks and cupcakes, so I'll definitely be investigating that lot in the supermarket next time I go shopping ! I would also recommend you keep an eye on their brand new facebook page which announces a very special birthday treat for your children coming soon. You should be warned though, they tell you that you can only like their page if you are fabulous ! No worries here then, obviously !

The new Fruit ‘n Oat Slices are currently on a special introductory price of £1 for a box of five (normal price will be £1.49) so it's a great time to stock up on them. They are already available in ASDA and Sainsbury’s but you'll have to wait until 16th February to find them in Tesco's.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.49 for 5 (but special introductory price £1)

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