Thursday 13 January 2011

Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf 2011 blog tour

Back before Christmas, I told you about an exciting book blog tour that was being organised in the New Year for Curtis Jobling's exciting new novel, Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf . Well, today the tour stops ... right here !

I've just posted my review  and there will be a giveaway coming up in a moment, but here's the really fun part. The wonderful Jayde over at Puffin came up with a fabulous idea for this blog tour. Each of the participating bloggers has been sending around a drawing started off by Curtis Jobling himself, adding a new body part before sending it on to the next stop on the blog tour. It's been really interesting keeping track of the drawing and watching it come to life ! To see it from its beginnings, you need to click through to each blog on the tour :

- (1st January) Wondrous Reads
- (3rd January) Nayu’s Reading Corner
- (4th January) - The Slowest Bookworm
- (6th January) So Many Books, So Little Time
- (10th January) Once Upon a Bookcase
-  (13th January) Madhouse Family Reviews
-  (20th January) My Favourite Books Blog
- (27th January) Wondrous Reads

Well, are you ready for this ? Here he is today !

I can't wait to see how he'll finish up !
Right, time to go and get this giveaway up and running !
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  1. Good lord! There's a lot of piercing going on! This artwork will end up PG13 or worse as we scroll lower over the rest of the Werewolf's body! :-D

  2. Oooh thanks for popping by my blog ! That's hilarious - can't wait to find out if you're right !!

  3. Wow! I am so, so glad I didn't try and start to draw his body! Your arms are brilliant! I never would have been so good! And I love that you've carried on with the punkish look, with the spikey rings and cuff! I love it! So looking forward to how the drawing will look when it's done!

  4. !!! It's looking awesome! (I hold no responsibility for the jewellery - it was added by another blogger :) ) Loving the collar!

  5. I think he's taking on a mind of his own - can't wait to see the next stage ! This was such a fabulous idea for a blog tour !!


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