Friday 7 January 2011

Book Byte 8 - Letter From The Tower (by Anne Boleyn) - a Bedtime Story ... for mummy !

A little while ago, I shared a Book Byte video with you called No Hat for Fluzzy (here) for you to enjoy with the kids.

But why should the little ones have all the fun ? Wouldn't you sometimes love to snuggle up in your softest pyjamas and have someone read you a bedtime story for a change ?! Well, here's your chance !

 You can listen to Lucy-Anne Holmes reading you an extract from Letter From The Tower by Anne Boleyn, taken from Love Letters of Great Women. This takes me back to story time at infant school when we all went and sat on the mat on the floor while the teacher read us a story. All that's missing is the tiny glass bottles of milk with the blue straws for some real nostalgia ! I recommend a cheeky glass of white wine or a luxurious marshmallow-topped hot chocolate as a more than satisfactory replacement ! Are you sitting comfortably ? Then she'll begin ... !

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