Wednesday 19 January 2011

Kiwi Aquastop

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One of the worst things about the recent snow and ice was not just slipping and sliding around on the black ice but also spending the whole day with freezing cold feet when your shoes leaked. At best, you end up with cold feet and stinky damp socks ! At worst, you could get seriously red and sore toes. The worst part was when it all went slushy and you invariably ended up ankle deep in filthy, cold slush on the way to work in the morning.

My solution was wearing my Gore Tex walking boots (click through for my review) non-stop but the girls weren't so lucky and couldn't find any shoes in their shoe cupboard that managed to beat the damp completely so I took to sending them to school with a spare pair of socks in their pockets so at least they could change into dry socks once they got to school. Well, if the snow comes back, this time I'll be prepared because the lovely people at Kiwi have sent me a can of Kiwi Aquastop to try out.

It's designed to help protect suede, leather and textile shoes against rain, snow, mud, oil and grease stains so it's absolutely perfect for the wintry weather, but also kids' shoes all year round because - if Juliette and Sophie are anything to go by - they love nothing more than stepping in puddles and getting covered in mud ! As well as protecting them from staining, it promises to help waterproof them so I put it to the test. I sprayed one of my trainers with the product and put them both under the tap. The non-treated one soaked up the water (and I know from the past that prolonged contact with water means that they end up leaking). The treated shoe however made the water pearl up and run straight off, like water off a duck's back !

If you've been out shopping in the sales and have bought yourselves some new shoes, now is the time to start treating them so that stay in pristine condition for longer. Kiwi Aquastop does everything it promises to do and is a cheap way of looking after your footwear, so I'll definitely be treating all the shoes in the house - especially for the girls -from now on.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.99

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