Wednesday 12 January 2011

Advice on how to baby-proof your home, from Boots Parenting Club

I received this in my email inbox today and, even if most of it is obvious to most parents, just getting the message out to one new mum or dad who may not have thought of something important and which could keep one little bundle of joy safe and away from A&E would make it worthwhile. Read it carefully and make sure you haven't forgotten anything ! The prices also show that it's a common misconception that it'll cost a fortune to make everything baby-safe.



Where would you go if you could crawl, toddle or walk? Babies are curious, inquisitive and raring to go when it comes to exploring their environment. As a parent, you quickly become aware that the seemingly harmless house you live in may be a path of obstacles and potential dangers to your baby, and they rely on you to keep them safe.

Boots Parenting Club Pharmacist Angela Chalmers says: “We often worry about dangers outside of the home but forget about the hidden dangers in our homes. Children up to four years old are most likely to have home accidents which may include: falls from heights, burns and scalds, drowning in the bath, ingesting household chemicals and trapped limbs.

“View your home from your child’s eyes, what would look exciting to them? What can they reach? Are cupboards childproof? Are stairs protected? Do you have a fire alarm? Once you assess the risk, you can take simple measures to accident- proof your home, giving you piece of mind and keeping your little ones safe.’”

Boots has lots of products to help reduce risk of hazards to your baby throughout your home.

Babies will start pulling up on furniture very soon after they start crawling. Consider the Boots Multi-purpose Latch (£4.09) which can help prevent children from opening cupboards and drawers. This latch is for use on furniture which has a curved or irregular surface, or which opens and closes at the corner. Furniture corners can also be a common hazard. Consider using Boots Corner Cushions (£2.04 for two), which will help protect your child from sharp corners.

Babies often like to touch, feel and taste everything within their eye level. Consider Boots Plug Socket Covers (£3.06 for four) as an effective way to keep prying fingers away from electric shocks. (Removable by using the plug’s earth pin.)

An open door can entice a baby’s curiosity, consider Boots Door Stopper (£4.09), which will help to protect your children’s fingers. (Suitable for use on most doors.)

These products are all available separately, or together in the Boots Home Safety Starter Pack (£10.21). The pack provides you with some essential items to make your home a safer place for your child. The pack includes six socket covers, four corner cushions, three drawer locks, three cupboard locks, one door slam protector, one toilet lock, one short multi purpose lock and one long multipurpose lock.

Parents also need to consider room temperature. Babies spend much of their time sleeping and need a safe environment when they do. A baby will sleep comfortably in a room heated to a temperature between 16c (61f) and 20c (68f). To help ensure your little one is safe in the nursery, consider the Boots Digital Nursery Thermometer (£10.20), which has an easy to read display enabling you to keep your baby at a safe, comfortable temperature. (Displays current maximum and minimum temperature.)

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  1. sounds like a good thing to have

  2. I did a post on these too this week. I particularly like their door catches as they are so simple and great value for money. I have about a squillion on them fitted now.

  3. Good to have reminders of safey and to get the message out.
    My baby son burnt his hand on a radiator. Showed my then inexperience in not being vigilant enough.
    Another safety thing for all families is to invest a small amount in a carbon monoxide detector to ensure the silent killer does not get you and your loved ones

  4. you can never be to careful. Some good useful items to help thanks for writing

  5. this is a great article for me just now as my baby is crawling and into everything!

  6. It's always the things that you don't think about until it's too late so it's good to post a reminder now and then :-)

  7. very good essential baby shopping checklist


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