Sunday 9 January 2011

Ella's Kitchen Organic Toddler Pasta

Along with the Ella's Kitchen rice that I have just reviewed (here), they kindly sent me some Has-to-be pasta just for me, suitable for babies aged 7 months plus, to try out with Pierre. Like the rice, it comes in really handy single-serve boil-in-the-bag sachets that are great time-savers.

Again, the tiny bite-sized pieces come in an assortment of interesting colours which really appealed to Pierre - not to mention myself because I was impressed at the multicoloured pasta representing the colours of the Italian flag (although I think this is more by accident than design !). So where do the different colours come from ? Artificial colourings ?

Oh, go and wash your mouth out with soap and water ! This is Ella's Kitchen, so perish the thought ! The ingredients list contains Organic spelt pasta 70% (organic spelt flour), Organic spelt tomato pasta 17% (organic spelt flour and tomatoes), Organic spelt spinach pasta 13% (organic spelt flour and spinach), Other stuff 0%. Nothing but organic goodness.

So, on to the most important part - the taste test. Well, I think the photos say it all really ! And the tiny pieces stick nicely to the spoon so Pierre actually manages to get some into his mouth when he insists on feeding himself. Definitely a bonus in my book !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.26 for 4 x 30g

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  1. Looks yummy! I reviewed the cooking sauces. They would be perfect together!

  2. I have tried these (well my daughter has) and they were well received. I think, however, they are quite expensive and it's far cheaper to make your own! @maisietoo

  3. I guess i had better get a couple of boxes of these too!


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