Saturday 22 January 2011

Method Dish peppermint vanilla washing up liquid

I've told you this before on this blog but I'm in olfactory lust with method eco-friendly household products! They are the only company I know who have cleaning products that smell so good, they actually make me want to do the housework - and that's saying something ! They use fragrances that just aren't normally associated with detergents - you just have to get your hands on a bottle of their cinnamon bark cleaning spray, my all-time favourite ! - so when I was sent a bottle of their Method Dish washing-up liquid, I couldn't wait to have a sniff.

Just one look at the striking bottle and you know this is no ordinary washing-up liquid ! The funky grey colour of the bottle - more reminiscent of stainless steel kitchen appliances or warships than washing-up liquid ! - looks very chic behind the sink and I couldn't help thinking that it is just the kind of thing you'd see in glossy home decorating magazines against black granite worktops. I love the fact that you can watch the bubbles rising up after use because it gives you a soothing lava-lamp effect for a few seconds while you wash up !

For once, I have to say that I wasn't instantly blown away by the fragrance. I don't hate it, but I just know it will take a little while for me to get used to it and work out what I think. Vanilla and peppermint just seems such a strange combination that I think my nose just can't comprehend what it's smelling ! But the minty notes do give you a sense of cleanliness and freshness which makes you subconsciously feel that your dishes are getting the ultimate clean. I even washed up my wok and plates from our Thai curry (that I reviewed here) and it instantly cut through the grease as well as the lingering curry smell, which isn't always the case. It didn't create a huge amount of bubbles but that's often the case with eco-friendly detergents and it doesn't seem to affect the efficiency.

As well as being gentle on the environment, it's gentle on your hands too because it contains vitamin E and aloe. My hands certainly felt less dried out than usual after doing the dishes.

The only problem (for you !) is that I received this in a fab goody bag from method, to thank me for blogging about them, and I can't find any information about it online in the UK so you may have trouble finding it in the shops !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : not sure but I'll try to find out !

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  1. Sounds like I might try this brand. I've never seen it before but I suffer with Eczema and this might just be the ticket.
    Oh just read the end bit- did you manage to find it in the shops in the UK??

  2. I haven't but they do have lots of limited editions so it may not be available at the moment. They do have these new dish soaps though :

  3. i've never tried any of these method dish products yet but might have to try them, i have eczema on my hands which can get quite bad when using cleaning products so this might help!

  4. hi, Louise@method here:
    The Vanilla Mint is a limited edition we sent to specially selected People Against Dirty just for Christmas, not sold in the UK shops.
    We are launching washing up liquid in the UK this month - first at Ocado & our own website. It is a concentrated pump format which means you need a lot less, but still super effective & gentle. The fragrances are Clementine & Cucumber - haven't decided which I prefer yet.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up Louise :)

    There are lots of other method product reviews on here, for anyone who wants to see what else is avilable

  6. Ooh..this sounds fab. I too love Method's stuff. I used to buy them often in America, but find it to be a bit hit and miss what you can find here. Do you shop online?

    If you haven't tried it yet, the shower spray (Ylang Ylang...ooooh) is marvelous!


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